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  1. Hi Everyone, I am looking for a 'search' whaich looks like the one here http://www.artgallery.co.uk/originals/a regards Paul
  2. works and looks great! now where do I edit it? at the moment the facebook profile id is not where it shows it to be?
  3. Hi, I know I have asked this before and there was not an option, but I am now getting desperate for a solution. I have the need for a 'tick' box to confirm that someone is over the legal age to buy something, which once ticked will allow that person to buy certain items which by law require them to be over say 18 or 21 any ideas? /--- Paul
  4. Hi Mike, it's just the standard windows error page The website declined to show this webpage HTTP 403 Most likely causes: This website requires you to log in. What you can try: Go back to the previous page. More information This error (HTTP 403 Forbidden) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permission to view the webpage. For more information about HTTP errors, see Help
  5. from scratch, I have a small job to do for a local farm shop, albiet stock wise Prestashop is probably OTT, I like it and feel safer with it it's the bit which says: Launching the auto-installer Now comes the part where it all comes together: installing PrestaShop. The installation process is quite easy, as it is streamlined by PrestaShop's auto-installer. To launch it, simply browse to PrestaShop's location on your hosting: the script will automatically detect that it is not yet installed, and will take you to the auto-installer. From there on, you just have to read and click. /---Paul
  6. Ok, have not played with prestashop for sometime, nice to see an installer only problem is I can not get it to auto install? I have browsed using google chrome and get http 403 forbidden so either I have done something wrong or chrome is useless any pointers please, as I am now completly confused /---Paul
  7. Hi everyone, I have a client that sells hampers that contain Champagne, and I need a tick box on the cart before payment can be completed, anyone know how I can do this easily? --- Paul
  8. Hi Chris, check your spelling on yr front page Cifflinks
  9. ok, even stranger, some of the images which were ok, have now started to play up, the images show in category but not always is there a way to export all the images? /-- Paul
  10. Hi Phil, yes, the error is showing in the BO aswell as the shop, the images are 995kb in jpg format, which is what the others are that dont have this problem /--- Paul
  11. Hi everyone, I have a problem when loading some images, I browse, the automatic is selected, save and stay and the picture does not show, I just get a red X and the title, when I do a properties on the shop picture it shows 189-158-large.jpg and not the file I have selected? cheers Paul
  12. Hi everyone, not sure if this is the right place to post this? I have been asked to add a catagory which contains items which can only be sold to those over 18, I need a check box with a statement during the ordering process, I cant seem to find anything that fits this any suggestions, pointers please :~) /---- Paul
  13. found this, not sure if its what u r looking for? (would be nice if it was easier) Have a look at maintenance.tpl in your theme’s directory and css/maintenance.css
  14. Hi, yep same/similar problem, UK based client, uses Royal Mail small packages but needs to be able to offer insurance plus larger packages as explained above also someway of combining items for a maximum cost (or is that here somewhere?) Not sure if this will work:- Toying with setting up unique weight matrix to each postal cost: 1 gram £1.50 second class 3 day 2 gram £3.00 (includes insurance) 3 gram £2.50 1st Class recorded etc etc or is there a module on its way, or in the beta ver? /--- Paul
  15. Looks as if I am having the same problem with the contact-form. 1. an error occurred while sending message[/b] any suggestions? / Paul
  16. :-) many thanks, seems a weird way of doing it, but it worked, many thanks
  17. Hi, I have tried adding small / medium / large to a product following the Wiki but, the tab in the wiki is different to mine? can someone please point me to where I can add this as an option ? seen it on a couple of the sites but just cant find where to create it :-S
  18. Hi, this is my first attempt on a 'shop' so have been trawling thru the forum and the wiki for how to do things, some which I found some which seem to allude me. I am still getting my single grey cell around how to easily put things in and get them where I want them, but all said I think I am getting there. Enough of my ramblings, onto the problem(s) to hand, the shop I am doing is for a small concern, so they hold 'little stock as such' and most things are made to order, so I have zero'd the stock on these where they have a price and a comment to say that it is to order, not fantastic but thats the only way I can see of doing it, also they make items to design/ order, so they can not give a price but need to show what they can do. so am I dealing with this the best/only way or are there more learned peeps out there which can point me in the right direction? many thanks /- Paul :coolsmile:
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