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  1. Hi Folks, I am having problems with the install, I get the cant find database error, I have read different threads and tried changing different things, but the database tables ps_ do not exist Any help suggestions? /--- Paul Configure your database by filling out the following fieldsTo use PrestaShop, you must create a database to collect all of your store's data-related activities. Please complete the fields below in order for PrestaShop to connect to your database. Database server address The default port is 3306. To use a different port, add the port number at the end of your server's address i.e ":4242". Database name Database login Database password Tables prefix Database Server is not found. Please verify the login, password and server fields (DbPDO) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PHP & MySQL Technical Information Host: squaresteps.uk.mysql PhpMyAdmin: Select database Database User Password Add database ======================================================================================== Structure SQL Search Query Export Import Operations Routines No tables found in database Create table Name: Number of columns:
  2. Hi everyone, Confused or what, I need a basic explanation of how it works. Ok, I have added 'shippers' Royal Mail UK Royal Mail Airsure I have put the dimensions on the product, which can be sold to UK, Europe, USA, Australia So how/where does Prestashop work out a shipping price as there does not seem to be a way of adding the different prices ie. item being shipped to UK = £1.55 item being shipped to USA = £8.50 item being shipped to Europe = £3.90 and where do you enter packing as this will vary according where it is going I must be missing something here, but I am finding it very frustrating Many thanks Paul
  3. just updated and the matrice theme I was using changed the slide jpg, now being a pain to sort it out so looks as if themes are not completely compatible so be aware
  4. well just as I thought that 1 click was all fixed and that life was going to be a breeze I get this All files upgraded. Now upgrading database [Ajax / Server Error for action upgradeDb] textStatus: "error " errorThrown:"Service Unavailable " jqXHR: " " /---- Cheers Paul
  5. url: http://essex-regalia.co.uk/shop/ PS Ver Standard theme from memory /--- Paul
  6. Hi, I have one site that due to the problems upgrading to newer versions I have left as is I need to change the shipping to 'T.B.A.' at the moment it shows £5 I can not find where I did this or remember how any directions would be appreciated many thanks Paul
  7. only showing English, but shows euro, £ & $ am I missing something? www.artinthevillage.info
  8. found something where your server has to be able to modify the ajax owned files? it was a closed tech doc, but not tried it yet, the 1-click support or lack of it is a pain, as it would be so easy to do a 1 click, but alas as you I keep coming back to it for the last 6 months
  9. http://www.artinthevillage.info/category.php?id_category=12
  10. Confused, I have the above showing in the front end, see attached I have no idea, and it looks naff any pointers would be gratefully received /--- Paul
  11. Yipeee!, text for the slide - edit in translations, why cant people just make life easy and point it out. Now to change the pictures, will post once I find out and if there is an 'editor' where do I get the editor everyone is talking about? Still like the theme, nearly dumped it, giving one more go Just found this theme and it looks as if it is just what I need, installed reasonably well, hopefully the only question: 1. Where/How do I edit the Slider??? , confused from Braintree, Essex, England
  12. Hi, I have tried before and will try again, when using 1-click even the lates ver I get: Analyzing the situation ...Shop deactivated. Now downloading (this can takes some times )...Download complete. Now extracting[Ajax / Server Error for action unzip] textStatus: "error " errorThrown:"Service Unavailable " jqXHR: " " the process indicator carries on but nothing happens, If I go away from the page it warns me upgrade is still in progress It would really be nice to get it working PLEASE /---- PAUL
  13. Panic over, just found it and it will do what I need
  14. Hi, I am trying to find a free module that will allow me to give a code for a discount off of a membership fee, i.e. 4 months free out of 12 months Does anyone know of a module that does this? many thanks Paul
  15. OK, afer reading all of the problems I thought as my site was at the start of deveopment I would give it a go: and this is what I got [Ajax / Server Error] textStatus: "error" errorThrown:"Service Unavailable" jqXHR: " Error 503 Service Unavailable downloading from http://www.prestashop.com/download/releases/prestashop_1.4.9.0.zipmd5 will be checked against be760b2a13a530620de56d2cad5a850ddownloading from http://www.prestashop.com/download/releases/prestashop_1.4.9.0.zipfile will be saved in /customers/f/8/e/artinthevillage.info/httpd.www/rvj2184/autoupgrade/download/prestashop.zipDownload complete.
  16. looks as if it has a bug, as it keeps showing old data from the csv I loaded earlier, also I still do not understand it, I have changed the info in name, see attached /--- Paul prestashop csv problem.doc
  17. ok, so trying the basics here: ==================================== Category is Jams Description is Strawberry Xtra Jam Weight 227 price 3.1 ======================================= so the headers: Categories Description Weight Price tax incl. ========================================= so what is Name * and is my headers correct? ========================================== regards Paul
  18. blimey, did not think it was that difficult, oh well, back to manual entry at this rate
  19. Hi, I have spent the last hour trying to sort out the headers in the file and keep getting errors when I import ID Category Name Description Weight Price JA001 Farmshop Jams Strawberry Xtra Jam with Marc de Champagne 227g £3.10 JA011 Farmshop Preserves Blackcurrant Preserve with Rum 227g £3.10 should be simple, but it is being a pain, a description of what header is what would help, all I could find was this example: ID;Active (0/1);Name *;Parent category;Root category (0/1);Description;Meta-title;Meta-keywords;Meta-description;URLrewritten;Image URL;ID / Name of shop surely the header Name does'nt need the * ??? any pointers or advise please many thanks Paul
  20. ok, smack wrist, read first and then post deleted the /install folder renamed the /admin folder (e.g. /admin123998)
  21. ok, I have a customers website which I will be changing over to prestashop.I installed a earlier version into a subdirectory and was going to play with it and then make it live. New version comes out so I deleted the old one and re-installed. Now when I go to the sub directory adim using my browser it shows in the url /newshop/admin/install/ but all I get is Not Found The requested URL /newshop/admin/install/ was not found on this server any ideas? many thanks in advance /-- Paul
  22. Hi everyone, I have several sites with Prestashop running as a second page, this is for 2 reasons, 1 I have no clue on using cms and the way Prestashop edits the 'front' of the shop, 2 is that most of the sites are small company's and I need to show a lot of info on the 1st page. OK, is there a way of creating the login for an existing customer, and create new customer on my html page? Hiope that makes sense? /--- Paul
  23. many thanks servi, for 10euro it looks as if it will be ok, I must learn how to do these
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