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  1. I still have this problem. Can someone halp???
  2. no one knows the solution for this problem???
  3. Hello, I'm having some problems when customers orders. If the order contains a product (product name contains characters like š,č,ž), then customer get an exception. They dont get email notifications. The order is in the back office, but don't contain the products with š,č,ž. How can i fix this problem. Hope someone can help
  4. In the meantime can you give me some direction how to fix the problem/chalenge? Is there maybe a good tutorial on how to set a server for PS?
  5. I will contect you, when i get the access to server.
  6. Yeah, the hole prestashop is working slow, the page has to 3sec load time. I'm using PS and have 6915 product inside.
  7. Hello, How can i speed up ajax search? When i type a word in search it takes 4sec, to show autocompletes. Thanks for the help
  8. Hello, A have a huge problem, when costumers make orders the order in backoffice is not showing ordered product only price is shown. (Ver.: PrestaShop™ Can someone help???
  9. You shoud use, prestashop sample .csv. You can find them in the Import CSV (back-office), you will see Click to view our sample import csv files.
  10. You should make a fresh Prestashop install, to see if the problem occurs again.
  11. Hello, I'm having problemes when i upload my .csv with image url's. I get this Notice. I don't know what's wrong :S Notice: Use of undefined constant _PS_UPLOAD_DIR - assumed '_PS_UPLOAD_DIR' in E:\XXX/XXX\controllers\admin\AdminImportController.php on line 645 Does enyone know what's the problem???
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