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  1. Hi there, Anyone point me in the right direction as to how I can add a Note field to each product on the order details page? After a client orders a product, I need someone in the warehouse to go into that product on the order page and add an expiry date and batch number for each product, then obviously update the invoice to show this also. Anyone any ideas? Thanks David
  2. Yes, The customer might come in store serveral times over the month, then at the end of the month I can either print out the statement or email it to the customer... Surprised that noone has done this so far?
  3. Hi there, We have a business which allows customers to come instore and recieve goods on credit, then at the end of every month they are sent a statement. Is there any module out there which would allow us to di this through Prestashop? Also, I need something that will allow us to manage customers without an email address. as far as I can see you can only add a customer if they have an email address. Thanks
  4. Hi there, I have a major problem. I have free shipping enabled on my store which starts at £150. this is fine in most cases. However I have products which require refrigerated delivery at an aditional cost of £10. This is setup in shipping of the product as an aditional cost. However whenever an order goes past the free shipping amount this cost dissapears. There is only one charge per order even if there are several refregerated items in the order. Esentially im looking to add a shipping cost of £10 to the order if there are one or more items in the basket which have a feature associated with it which is "refrigerated=yes" regardless of the free shipping amount. Any ideas?
  5. Anyone any updates on this problem? Seems to be lots of people have the same. I can still not update, and this was a fresh install! Can anyone shed any light as to where I would catch errors even? Thanks
  6. Hi there, I need to be able to survey clients who are leaving a website without buying any products. For answering the survey they would either be entered into a draw for something or recieve a coupon for a percentage off or be entered into a draw. I need to be able to ask a series of questions and collect the data. Thanks
  7. Tried the last few days and still not working? Not too sure whats happening?
  8. Hi there, I have a csv file with products in it. I need someone to convert the file to a format to be imported into Prestashop. Some products are entered into the CSV file as single products example: product one, t-shirt, size medium, 12.99 Product two, t-shirt, size small, 12.99 Etc I need these products merged with into one product with their correct attributes (Size, Colour etc) Thanks David
  9. Hi there, Im getting this error when I try to update native modules: There was an error while extracting the module (file may be corrupted).It happens with all these modules which the backend needs updated: An upgrade is available for some of your modules! Bank Wire Block advertising Block contact info Cart block CMS Block Contact Block Currency block Facebook sharing block. Language block Layered navigation block Link block Manufacturers block My Account block My account block for your website's footer New products block Permanent links block Quick search block Social networking block Specials block Store locator block Suppliers block Tags block Top-seller block User info block Viewed products block Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi guys, Does anyone know how I wouls add a new text field per product on the order detail page in the backoffice? Ive attached an image to show what I mean. I need these details to show on the invoice also. Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. I have just two countries and one payment method available for all counties. How can I make the Paypal available instead of "sign in to see payment methods"? It's pretty annoying and confusing for a visitor to see this message. I have guest checkout enabled and still I can see this message THanks
  12. Hi there, I Have a site which offers free shipping at £135 ond over. I need this to activate at £135 excluding VAT but it seems as if this is starting when the order is over £135 + VAT. I dont know how to set this up. Also, certain products have an extra shipping cost of £10 due to the fact they need refrigerated. for every order which includes a product like this there should only be one £10 charge. However, if I add 3 of these products the system adds three lots of £10 charges instead of just one. I think the problem is that I have a £10 charge on the additional shipping cost for the product, but I just want to add 1 £10 charge if any of the products in the order are refrigerated. Has anyone any ideas? Thanks
  13. Ok guys, here goes :-) I was wondering if anyone has ever implemented an approval workflow within Prestashop before. It would sort of look like this. There would be a category manager for each category (or one for multiple categories). There would also be a product editor for each category (again could be multiple) . When an editor adds a product in a category, it is not allowed to go live until the category manager approves it. Any ideas if this has been done before? Thanks
  14. Hi there, I need a module for the back office like statsproduct (existing in the back office). In this module a user would be able to see every category and every product assigned to that category on one page, like: Home ----Category 1 ------------------Product 1 Details (Name, Available quantity, price) ------------------Product 2 Details Combination 1 (Name, Available quantity, price) ------------------Product 2 Details Combination 2 (Name, Available quantity, price) -----------Category 1 Sub Category ------------------Product 3 Details (Name, Available quantity, price) ------------------Product 4 Details Combination 1 (Name, Available quantity, price) ------------------Product 4 Details Combination 2 (Name, Available quantity, price) ------------------Product 5 Details (Name, Available quantity, price) ------------------Product 6 Details Combination 1 (Name, Available quantity, price) ------------------Product 6 Details Combination 2 (Name, Available quantity, price) Etc etc. I need this asap. Thanks
  15. Hi there, Is there any way of printing the contents of your basket? I need clients to be able to print the contents of their basket in a certain format. The format would be like this: http://vetmedicinesdirect.co.uk/product_featuer.php?p_id=UKVMANIJV In this example it is a order which has been already completed. I need users to be able to add products to their basket and print it out in this format before they complete the order. Any ideas greatly appreciated :-) Thanks
  16. Or more specifically the product combination which was ordered? Thanks
  17. Brilliant starter :-) Thanks How would I go about getting information like pack size? i.e. Reference Product Quantity Dectomax Inj. Cattle & sheep Dectomax Inj. Cattle & sheep - Pack : 200ml 2 Qualimec (Ivermectin) Injection Qualimec (Ivermectin) Injection - Pack : 500ml 2
  18. Hi there, Does anyone have a SQL statement so I can find each product in an order? i.e select QTY, Name, details from orders where order reference = KSNFDNOSU In other words the information you would get in order history. Thanks
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