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  1. Shipping support is one feature SEVERLY missing in PS!
  2. Hey Eihwaz, Are you still supporting this theme?
  3. The Facebook Like module has its own section and cannot be moved. I've tried moving the other items down... that didn't help either. Am I stupid or simply missing something? Thanks!
  4. Awesome work as always Tomer! Is there any way to move it to the bottom under "Print" and "View Full Size"... see my site: http://www.affordablefiberoptics.com/four-fiber-dielectric-hfoc-sca-jumper/199-four-fiber-dielectric-hfoc-sca-jumper.html Thanks as always. Patrick
  5. I added the code to line 2 of blockcategories.tpl and had no luck. Although my version of the file doesn't have the code in the original filea: {$node.name|escape:html:'UTF-8'} in it... The category works as usual. Do I need to modify anything else? Or another thought was, maybe my custom theme (that uses modified javascript in the theme directory) Am I missing something? Thanks Rocky!
  6. I'm getting a lot of odd traffic from China too. Is it possible for my hosting provider to block China from their firewall? Thanks
  7. Hello all. Is there a way to setup a category when clicked it sends you to a contact page? I need to be able to setup a contact form that is accessed when the user clicks on a defined category listing. Is this possible? Thanks as always. Patrick
  8. I get this upon install: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '`ps_`creditcard_order' at line 1 SHOW TABLE STATUS LIKE `ps_`creditcard_order Any ideas? Thanks. Patrick
  9. Same here... my cell carrier isn't listed in Presta's default module. This would be nice to have! Patrick
  10. How's this module going? I run ebay and presta shops... this would be GREAT! Patrick
  11. Great module!! Is there a way to move it from the bottom left column and maybe to the right column? Thanks. Patrick
  12. Great theme... and even better programmer! Stands behind his work and is WILLING to help a non-programming newb install his theme. Doesn't work in IE yet (category tree doesn't load) but he will fix the problem. Highly recommended...
  13. I'm pretty sure this is a problem that is going to be corrected in the next release. I submitted a bug report... take a look (http://www.prestashop.com/bug_tracker/view/4027/) Does this go along the same line as your problem? Good Luck! This is one of the most ANNOYING problems with Presta I've encountered. Patrick
  14. Thanks for the reply. After applying the code in the readme file... the front end is no longer rendering anything. What did I do wrong? I removed and added as per your instructions but basically wiped out my test site. Thanks again for your input and a great theme (if I could get it to work) ;-) Patrick
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