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  1. J'ai un problème avec la mise à jour de ma boutique en utilisant le module m-a-j en 1 clic. Il me donne ce message d'erreur MySQL: Et J'ai aussi essayé en manual upgrade, mais la page m'affiche: '<action result="fail" error="28" />' Merci.
  2. I have a very simple fix for you: - In a mysql editor(like PHPMyAdmin), edit your prestashop database table ps_tax_rule - add a row named active
  3. Bonjour, J'ai upgradé à la version 1.5.6 récement. J'essaie d'ajuster mes règles de taxes, mais j'ai ce message d'erreur: Localisation Règles Je choisis la règle à éditer, Localisation Règles Modifier Le message suivant apparaît: Mauvaise requête SQL Unknown column 'a.active' in 'where clause' Avant D'upgrader à la version 1.5.6, j'avais les règles de taxes canadiennes configurées. Certains produits ont encore le bon calcul, mais ceux que j'ajoute le calcule est erroné. D'autres on eu ce problème? J'ai mis ma boutique en maintenance, mais une correction rapide serait très apprécié. Merci!
  4. With PS configured properly, you shouldn't need this module.
  5. I had some bugs too... the activation link isn't working every time... So I choosed to uninstall it and work without this module... Anyway, I receive an email when an account is created so I don't really need this.
  6. Maybe... But, my main point is that when your module page has a lot of visits but only few sales, it means something... there's 50% chances that this is because the price doesn't worth the advantage vs the free module or doing it's task manually. I'm an independent worker, and I know what I'm taking about: If at a X price you loose 75% of your sales, then a 25-33% price drop worth it big time. Situation I had to deal with: Local non-profit organisms were rarely using my services at 40$/h, I dropped my fees to 30$/h then I got 50% more calls from them. Perhaps my first example( drop a 75$ module to 25$) was a little extreme... I have some developper in my personnal contacts that had their software development started a couple years ago, and they said the same thing. This is the situation he gave me: If a software takes a guy 100h to create, you estimate its time worth 30$/h, then your soft cost 3000$. If you sell it at 200$ i don't think you'll setll at all. But, If you drop your price to 100$, and you make 20 sales in the first week and then 5/week, is that a bad deal? In my calculations, you begin to make profits in 3 weeks. Omg these module are developped from scratch or uses paid libraries for sure! Or these developpers are estimating their time to 50-100$/h... 10k$ of dev cost...
  7. I though about it more than you think! So much that I've figured out how to make the free FedEx shipping module working! I'm not loosing money since I have finally a way to have the shipping fees charged at the order time. I'd be curious to know how much people did like me, pushing on the harder free solution instead of the easy expensive one. If i'd find a module that worth its price, maybe i'd buy it.
  8. Hi, I've been worrying about the reason of the addons prices... Is there any for putting the addons prices so high? Sample: Canada Post shipping module is @75$ http://www.presto-ch...anada-post.html Fedex Shipping module is @100$/ http://www.presto-changeo.com/en/shipping-modules/47-fedex.html What are the reasons to put a such big price? At this price, considering I'm an small budget online seller, I will never purchase this. So, they are for sur loosing a lot of sales at this price. In my case, I'd buy it at 25$. So if we make the counts, they are probably loosing 3 sales out of four. I'm not good at finances, but I think that this is revealing something... Business management citation: Better a lot of smaller profit sales than a few big profit sales... Think about it...
  9. ezb, you should try the fedex shipping module, it's free and working good as long as you do what's needed: 1. create a fedex account 2. follow instructions on this page: http://ihostticket.com/KB/a318/how-to-get-a-fedex-meter-number.aspx 3. Save your meter number and authentication key 4. you will receive an email with more infos: - Production Password - FedEx Account Number - Production Meter Number 5. configure the fedex shipping module with the informations you received: - fedex account - Meter Number(Production meter number) - Fedex Password(Production password) - Fedex Authentication Key And complete the module config with your preferences.
  10. 75$ is really too expensive for a module that should be natively included with prestashop... At least with a minimally working version, so the buyers pay the shipping cost at the purchase time! At this moment, the module isn't working at all, it returns a dumb error message like:
  11. I just made an improvement in my store, I activated the Geolocation and unchecked all countries but canada. I seen on some forums that BOTS are veryfew located in canada. Anyway, i won't sale outside, I wasn't using geolocation to let my store as much accessible as possible. Thanks to all for your answers.
  12. The main concern i have is that I have to manually verify every registrations to find out which one are BOTS... I don't understand why this is so hard to have at least the registration form protected from BOTS...
  13. Oui effectivement, peu de temps après avoir posté, j'ai trouvé ma réponse mais j'ai oublié de l'écrire ici... De toutes façon, j'ai vérifié auprès de mes distributeurs, et en ce qui est du matériel informatique, je ne peut vendre hors canada selon les politiques et restrictions sur les garanties de certains manufacturiers. Donc cette question est résolue.
  14. I'm not going to edit any files of my shop... I don't see how the form could be edited to forbid a Bot to spam the registrations... The only way to prevent Bot-registrations is with reCaptcha... I tried many other CMS-Shop and all had a reCaptcha module included by default! Everything is available on the reCaptcha website for free why a module should be paying then?
  15. Error 500 is an internal server error, so it's your web hosting server that is the problem... Error 503, Service unavailable, again it's your web hosting... Think about changing of web host! I don't know what is your hosting service, but there is a good one that i know, http://godaddy.com which has a good reputation for its performance and stability. My own hosting service is a good one too, but their web site is curently under re-building, so i can't refer you... You can check by the quickness of my website and store: http://informatikmp.com Hope it will help you.
  16. Hi there, A new version of reCaptcha, compatible with PS 1.5.x is needed in urgence... My store is beginning to receive robot-made subscriptions and the email contact is being targetted by spam since I put my PS store online... The module reCaptcha should even be mandatory in PS registration form, that is a major security leak! The reCaptcha module shouldn't be hard to make, they are giving the libraries and plugins for developpement on their site, http://recaptcha.net ... There is an outdated module already made: link PS REALLY need this security protection... Thanks, A worried user...
  17. I've got this message whe I tried to install it in my store:
  18. Il y a un autre problème, dans les règles de taxes, on dirait que la taxe est arrondie à .xx au lieu d'avoir .xxx, Ex. la Taxe TVQ est à 9.975% mais est affichée à 9.97 dans les règles de taxes...
  19. Bonjour, J'ai une boutique Prestashop depuis peu, et j'ai un problème avec les taxes... J'prévois éventuellement avoir des ventes hors canada. J'ai configuré la règle de taxe pour les taux harmonisés au canada, mais qu'en est-il pour les États-Unis? Pour que mes commandes calculent correctement les taxes, j'ai dû définir la règle de taxe canadienne sur tout mes produits, si je ne le fais pas, mes commandes ne calculent pas la taxe... ... Merci de m'éclairer sur ce point...
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