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  1. Hi there, i'm here to post my problem...i'm a newbie developer for prestashop Here is my probelem, Now my shop domainredirects to index.php page I want to redirect it to my own template page (for example About us page :: http://www.myshop.com/about_us.php) here is the clue : if entered ' http://myshop.com/ ' it should get redirect to 'http://myshop.com/about_us.php ' otherwise only if i entered ' http://myshop.com/index.php ' to should go to home page FYI , here is my sample own template code: <?php include(dirname(__FILE__).'/config/config.inc.php'); include(dirname(__FILE__).'/header.php'); // $smarty->display(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'newpage.tpl'); /** Getting Wordpress Content Here **/ $id=$_GET['p']; $link = mysql_connect(_DB_WP_SERVER_, _DB_WP_USER_, _DB_WP_PASSWD_); $dbSelect=mysql_select_db(_DB_WP_NAME_); $set=mysql_query("SELECT `post_content` FROM wp_posts WHERE ID='6'"); global $smarty; // $smarty->assign('cms_wp_pages_id','all_wp'); // $smarty->assign('cms_wp_pages', 1); ?> <!-- Start of Main Contents --> <div class="main"> <div class="col-main"> // about us contents goes here </div> </div> <!-- End of Main Contents --> <?php include(dirname(__FILE__).'/footer.php'); ?> I tried to do solve this using htaccess solution as 'domain redirection to (non index.php) index_2.php' yes it worked on other sites but not for prestashop.. here is the that htaccess solution code <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^myshop.com$ RewriteRule ^$ http://myshop.com/index_2.php [L,R=301] </IfModule> is there any ohther way to solve this? can you give me a solution ? thanx in adv
  2. better solution, am also need this.i'll try it and reply thanx for the code..looks very simple
  3. k sir i discussed with client...can you give me your contact detail to proceed further?
  4. Thanks for the reply sir ..i mentioned we don't mind pay for customization...but i'll get you with further information soon...
  5. Hi sir, I'm Manikandan,India.i also sent you mail from your site. I like your module ' Prepaid Credit/Tokens Module' ...this is what we searched I need to do few modification in this module can you make it like this.. the token should not reduce as per the quantities of product...here we'll have one more text box (like quantity box) [it is created by us, you no need to do it] in product page, but token have to reduce based on no of entries in that box..the box entries like quantity of product but not real one quantity (for example 1 product needs 1 token to buy if customers enters 10 in the box it have to reduce '10 products tokens' that is 10 tokens) is this doable? yes you don't worry, we'll provide prestashop database table details of that extra (Qty) box and we don't mind pay for this..(if extra needed) if you have doubt ask me any time mail id : [email protected] Thanks
  6. I Have a Query How do i get shop page (old hom page) if i change default index.php?
  7. I'm also having the same problem, when i add any combination to a product the same error msg on product page instaed of add to cart button...when select other another combination from the attribute selection add to cart button appeared.. i dont know what wrong with that? is it my fault r prestashop bug? help me pls
  8. i expecting something different...i want to embed wordpress blog theme with same header n footer of prestashop...something like this ...
  9. Thank for the reply...and exactly! I got it already.... my code is "SELECT ((`ps_configuration`.value)-(DATEDIFF(NOW(), `ps_product`.date_add))) AS new FROM ps_configuration,ps_product WHERE ((`ps_configuration`.name='PS_NB_DAYS_NEW_PRODUCT') AND (`ps_product`.`id_product`=$id))" i worked above code for show manufacturer's products in product page...and the result would be...i got it exactly yesterday! I'm using raw sql code for fetching full product information and values on my area...coz i'm new to php and smarty, so go for this code I asking you learning platform for above mentioned courses....any suggestion?
  10. but i struggle to find it...coz i'm fetch all product values(like quantity,price,name,image url etc) fetch from single query...so how can i calculate it and return 1 in a single query any idea?
  11. Now I got it...! I'm asked where the 'new' column in table regarding the product...like quantity... nw i understand there is no column like that...we have to calculate from date of product added...
  12. could you tell where it get from database...( i mean i need the column name and table name n of this label in db)....
  13. Can you give me code for display the block of 'other products from this manufacturer' on product page?
  14. are u sure olny premium user could get the guide of this conversion?
  15. its very difficult to make own theme to prestashop it includes tpl file creation with smarty framework and modules creations. so i recommend buy themes on themeforest.com
  16. its not possible presashop's theme integrate with wordpress...but u can use own a theme for ur blog with wordpress
  17. Here is very simple example put the PHP code manually and read it on tpl php file: <?php $var='welcome'; // php variable declaration global $smarty; $smarty--->assign('intro', $var); // or $smarty->assign('intro', 'welcome'); // now smarty variable 'intro' holds the value 'welcome' ?> on tpl file (for example 'header.tpl'): {$intro} to our shop! output: welcome to our shop Note: be sure of put the code if u r create new file u should hav knowledge where to store. or otherwise just try it on 'Product.php' and tpl file should be any product page's tpl
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