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  1. Oh! i'm a developer for prestashop and can i develop this module ? so i guess the actuall work under this only converting database to csv file right? where do i get small knowledge to do this module?
  2. Hello friends, My old shop (http://www.noqstore.asia/) which is previously done in Microsoft .Net Platform ZNode. I want to switch it to prestashop. So can i migrate all (products, categoreis, manufactures etc) to prestashop? awaiting for your reply thanks in adv.
  3. Have you installed any addon module for this? prestashop does not have any built-in feature for blog, but it has cms block.
  4. Its k ...np even i google it, could not find right solution anyway thanx for your help sir
  5. Yes i tried. almost got, though i have put right password but it says Error: please check your configuration Authentication failed using username '[email protected]' and password '***************'
  6. I tried the SMTP configuration as smyp.gmail.com with my mail and password but i got this error but its working fine in web server. Error: please check your configuration The SMTP connection failed to start [ssl://smtp.gmail.com:465]: fsockopen returned Error Number 186028524 and Error String 'Unable to find the socket transport "ssl" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?
  7. not working.. actually the product-list.tpl has input button for add to cart...
  8. Yes Thanks for your reply. I tried but the first condition not working while, i could not guess what's wrong in it with wish-list page {if ($product.id_product_attribute == 0 OR (isset($add_prod_display) AND ($add_prod_display == 1))) AND $product.available_for_order AND !isset($restricted_country_mode) AND $product.minimal_quantity == 1 AND $product.customizable != 2 AND !$PS_CATALOG_MODE} so i removed this condition , then i found add to cart link but not working cos i guess there is no token generated, here is the link code <a class="exclusive ajax_add_to_cart_button" rel="ajax_id_product_16" href="http://localhost/fandn/index.php?controller=cart?qty=1&id_product=16&token=&add" title="Add to cart">Add to cart</a> i think the entire code need to be customize for wishlist because the No. of quantity to cart should not be pre-defined for wishlist page. it should have to work like product page , but it looks qty=1 and there is no ajax type add to cart how do i implement it wishlist page ? thanx in adv
  9. hi there, i have doubt, i need to bring search like normal page search(like wordpress search).. i have posted in cms pages ...my users want to serch the contents is it doable?
  10. hi there, i have a doubt here, is it possible to add wishlist products to cart from wishlist page ? but i don't have 'add to cart' button in my wishlist.. here i have attached a jpeg for your help...
  11. its all about css work right.. for this use padding, margin with button or input box if you are a newbie , figure out your problem..i can help am sorry if i understand your probelm wrongly :
  12. Hi to all, i here again with a problem, i want show wishlist product(s) differently home page showcase, if it is wishlist product then wishlist button should cling red color. for clear aspect go here http://baalintech.com/overseas/fandn/ the bottom right button for wishlist i need to show this on red (background image, rollover bg) if it is added to wishlist. i think it can be done with favorite product.. favoriteproducts.php [code] $this->smarty->assign(array( 'isCustomerFavoriteProduct' => (FavoriteProduct::isCustomerFavoriteProduct($this->context->customer->id, Tools::getValue('id_product')) ? 1 : 0), 'isLogged' => (int)$this->context->customer->logged, )); favoriteproducts.php <button style="{if $isCustomerFavoriteProduct AND $isLogged}background-color:red;{/if}">Add to Fav product</button> but i want to do it for wishlist on home page new products list FYI i have added jpeg... thanx in adv
  13. and finally i got it right... i added in DirectoryIndex mypage.php htaccess the powerful line working superb.. thanx for psfever
  14. Yes thanks for the link..i really need to redirect domain only , no need of page because , i cant access shop home page
  15. hm...is anyother solution like php redirection or 'purchased domain redirection' on cpanel tricks?
  16. Yes i'll ask to webhoster for this..can you guess why prestashop doesnt allow this htaccess method when its working fine on other sites?
  17. one level up mean...where ? /home/username/public html/ prestashop files i tried to put inside username folder (i.e, one level up to shop) but not wrking..:
  18. it tried it its not working ..i also tried similar earlier(see on my top post ) its working in normal site but not on prestashop..
  19. Yes i tried ..but it redirect to htt://mysite.com/about_us.php/index.php i think we got almost close to soln..how to remove that index.php
  20. and exactly i dont want redirect index.php to about_us.php...because after i cant access my shop i want to redirect my domain (for ex: http://mysite.com to http://mysite.com/about_us.php)
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