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  1. yes i want replace for both frond office and back office. just replacing the text that is one word likely. for example: 'no other product on the same category' to 'no other artwork on the same category' thanks
  2. yes its extremly needed feature for PS. usually i'm using photoshop for this. concern to @meowchie if you use cropped image (only if cropped size is less than product gallery canvas size) for product , it'll look weird in gallery right ? if so, how you gonna resolve this ? because i've experinced..!
  3. hi benjamin, thanks for your kind of reply. displeased to say that, i lost the client. anyway once again thanks for your support
  4. hi there, i've artshop. the text 'product' in the shop is not much meaningful than 'Artworks'. i want to replace the text 'products' with 'artworks'..i tried with jquery methods but somewhat getting minus. so how do i do this ? suggestion/help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
  5. thanks to vekia.. i called this for, cover image has weird look in my artshop. usually images playing important roles. so i've prepared cropped image (max. 192x192px) as thumb nail cover image for product list view but, when it comes to gallery view and jqzooming it looks so weird. the problem solved thorugh simple code solution : just update in /themes/theme_name/product.tpl <span id="view_full_size"> <a id="big_pic" class="pb-product-image jqzoom" href="{$link->getImageLink($product->link_rewrite, $cover.id_image, 'thickbox_default')}" title="{$product->name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}"> {foreach from=$images item=image name=thumbnails} {if $image.cover!=1} <img id="small_pic" cover="{$image.id_image}" src="{$link->getImageLink($product->link_rewrite, $image.id_image, 'thickbox_default')}" /> {break} {/if} {/foreach} </a> </span> and , dont forget to close 'if' clause in following code <div id="thumbs_list"> <ul id="thumbs_list_frame"> {foreach from=$images item=image name=thumbnails} {assign var=imageIds value="`$product->id`-`$image.id_image`"} {if $image.cover!=1} <li id="thumbnail_{$image.id_image}">
  6. okay thanks parsifal. the last sugesstion is good for me. is it possible check length of success password (i.e., entered correct password) before or after login. thanks in adv
  7. yes it of course! the actual need for decrypting is to powerful the security. we want to make sure all customer who must have six digit password. so we should send an alert for them to secure pass (only who has less than six digit) so how do i get resolved this? thanks in adv
  8. but its encrypted with md5 hash right. cant we get pass string ? or anyother soln for my ques? filter customers who has less than six digit password.
  9. hi there, i want to search customers whose password has less than six characters. so i need to decrypt their password right? is it possible? thanks in advance
  10. thank you so much! i appreciate your hard work here, really like this such effort. i'll try, let you know soon which is worked..!
  11. just pass out info every login then, expire the login after 90 days only for super user to reset his password.
  12. hi pascal , thanks for adding reply. its just gonna include in back office only. sorry i did not mention this. the super user need this feature. can we do this technically. by adding some date constraint before login then do an action to reset password. yes i'have this idea. is it clear ? thank in advance
  13. hi there, for security reasons, i want to set minimum password age for my site. super user must change his password every 90 days. we need it badly indeed..is it possible? thanx in adv
  14. nothing i simply removed @ symobol from validate characters.. edited function : public static function isAddress($address) { return empty($address) || preg_match('/^[^!<>?=+{}_$%]*$/u', $address); } or if you want accept all characters for address field, just change as follow : public static function isAddress($address) { return !preg_match('/[<>{}]/i', $address); } thanx
  15. oh thanks for visit this..its fixed i just edited isAddress() function in 'classes\Validate.php'
  16. hi there, i want to add @ (special char) in my address. usually our condominiums are mentioned with '@' preceeding words like '@temlet house '. but ps validation does not accept this char. how do i broke off this ? thanx in adv.
  17. Hi there, i have great issue that my new module's java script files makes my sites dirty on IE (see attached) so i have to disable the module or script file on IE9. is it possible to disable the module or only those scripts for IE ? thanx in adv
  18. hi sevenstore, i think you got added custom filed on order table, now your field 'textarea' in database should be empty. so it shows empty...make insert your messages into added field 'textarea' in PS_ORDERS table. hope thi link will help you. -> http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/84550-solved-where-is-the-insert-into-statement/
  19. Indeed so how can prestashop migrate various open suorce ecom to prestashop ? http://www.prestashop.com/en/switch-to-prestashop
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