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  1. Hi,


    My website some of pages showing whole smaty variable in front office. like below on entire page,

    Smarty Object
    [auto_literal] => 1
    [error_unassigned] =>
    [use_include_path] =>
    [template_dir:Smarty:private] => Array
    [0] => /home/artofokuvj/www/themes/autumn/tpl/
    [joined_template_dir] => /home/artofokuvj/www/themes/autumn/tpl/
    [joined_config_dir] => /home/artofokuvj/www/tools/smarty/configs/
    [default_template_handler_func] =>
    [default_config_handler_func] =>
    [default_plugin_handler_func] =>
    [compile_dir:Smarty:private] => /home/artofokuvj/www/cache/smarty/compile/
    [plugins_dir:Smarty:private] => Array
    [0] => /home/artofokuvj/www/tools/smarty/plugins/
    [cache_dir:Smarty:private] => /home/artofokuvj/www/cache/smarty/cache/
    [config_dir:Smarty:private] => Array
    [0] => /home/artofokuvj/www/tools/smarty/configs/
    [force_compile] =>
    [compile_check] => 1
    [use_sub_dirs] =>
    [allow_ambiguous_resources] =>
    [caching] =>
    [merge_compiled_includes] =>
    [cache_lifetime] => 3600
    [force_cache] =>
    [cache_id] =>
    [compile_id] =>
    [left_delimiter] => {
    [right_delimiter] => }
    [security_class] => Smarty_Security
    [security_policy] =>
    [php_handling] => 0
    [allow_php_templates] =>
    [direct_access_security] => 1
    [debugging] =>
    [debugging_ctrl] => NONE
    [smarty_debug_id] => SMARTY_DEBUG
    [debug_tpl] => file:/home/artofokuvj/www/tools/smarty/debug.tpl
    [error_reporting] =>
    [get_used_tags] =>
    [config_overwrite] => 1
    [config_booleanize] => 1
    [config_read_hidden] =>

    How do i get rid off this ? before i just enabled smarty console debug on back office and i disabled it also, but still I don't know how to fix this ? or where its coming from.


    Can you please help me out on this ?




    ps : also attached my screenshot for your reference.


  2. hi vekia,


    we've got purchased this module today. working good few questions.




    1. It does not work with social registration (facebook, linkedin), how can i integrate to these registration too (FYI, i'm using loginradius module for social account login)? 




    2. how can i show coupon title in user notification email, for now it just only display a message and coupon code. there is no meaning why this coupon we sent this for.



  3. same issue as dahermit .


    carrier is still showing even after grossing the maximum weight limit. now showing up as same shipping price as other carrier (two carrier used on the website) 


    For Your Information  It used Out-of-range behaviuor is Carrier Disabled.


    you can understand the issue from screenshots (see attached)


    any reply can be appreciated.


    thanks in advance ! i'll post solution out here if it resolved some other way. have a nice day :)



  4. Hello,


    In my understanding, this has never been done.

    I've seen some websites doing that kind of feature, but it's always with some kind of "trick", like the generation of a discount when you add products via a specific page ...


    thank you for reply,


    and its fixed by indirectly , providing user to select his products  inside pack (ie by products names) the name goes to order along with pack name. so at the admin end they'll understand chosen products for the pack. this is can be done myself. so i made it works for my requirement.

  5. Hi there,


    i had an issue on back office login for few countries. and only login works in tablets and other devices. it smells like problem from ISP side ?


    i still can't what would be reason ? no errors. it doesn't take to the dashboard even input the correct details. login page only appear again. this issue exists everytime of attempt.


    its like strange! no error. even if i turn on debug mode. 


    can you guess what's the reason ? help & suggestions would be appreciated.



  6. i got it upto this. i cannot insert posted custom value in database. (i've created custom field in ps_cart_product)


    i tried custom field to db code in Cart.php at 966

    $result_add = Db::getInstance()->insert('cart_product', array(
    					'id_product' => 			(int)$id_product,
    					'id_product_attribute' => 	(int)$id_product_attribute,
    					'id_cart' => 				(int)$this->id,
    					'id_address_delivery' => 	(int)$id_address_delivery,
    					'id_shop' => 				$shop->id,
    					'quantity' => 				(int)$quantity,
    					'date_add' => 				date('Y-m-d H:i:s'),
    					'pack_content' => 			$customPack_value
    // where 'pack_content' and $customPackValue are my codes. 

     if i press add to cart button, no value added to db field


    please help!

  7. hi keutche,


    i like the pack. and i didn't see your BO demo from the link. so i have few questions,


    1. can user choose his combination of products in a pack (preferred combinations) ? 


    for example,


          super sweet pack,

             i)   Milk Chocolate (x10)

             ii)  Sweet Chocolate (x5)


             i)  Semisweet (x5)

             ii)  White Chocolate (x10)


             i)  Sweet Chocolate (x5)

             ii)  Milk Chocolate (x5)

             iii) White Chocolate (x5)


    2. will it display product items names (with quantity) along with pack name which are in pack on payment summary, orders in back office, order history and everywhere ?




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  8. #center_column #new_account_form p {

          margin0 0 0 2px;


    #center_column #new_account_form p.checkbox{

           margin0 0 0 2px;




    add this at your style if it not works, add following code.


    #center_column #new_account_form p {

          margin0 0 0 2px !important;


    #center_column #new_account_form p.checkbox{

           margin: 0 0 0 2px !important;

                margin-top7px !important;


  9. hello sir,


    thanks for helping me out. our client little altered problem requirement again. now we only need to send copy of order confirmation email to printing company with one file attachment (ie sketch image). so as your suggestion i decide to use mail alerts module. though the problem minimized still its seems difficult. please mention where it gone wrong sir 


    i tried your code. it outputs error : "The following e-mail template is missing: logo.pngen/new_order.txt " .  please mention where it gone wrong sir .

    if (file_exists(dirname(__FILE__).'/mails/'.$iso.'/'.$template.'.txt') &&
    				sprintf(Mail::l('New order - #%06d', $id_lang), $order->id),
    				explode(self::__MA_MAIL_DELIMITOR__, $this->_merchant_mails),
    				$file_attachement['content'] = file_get_contents("path/images/logo.png"),
    				$file_attachement['name'] = "logo.png",
    				$file_attachement['mime'] = "image/png",

    thanks  in advance 

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