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  1. if anyone still have this issue, i find it related to Geolocation setting... just update it..then it work...
  2. not working with prestashop php 7.1
  3. if anyone still have this issue in prestashop 1.7 to solve this if ssl is enable enable it for all pages in general settings
  4. anyone who still have this issue easy way to delete unused languages from database 1- run this query to get lang tables SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.tables WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA='database_name' and TABLE_NAME LIKE '%_lang'; change database_name with your database name 2- copy tables name and do bulk edit via text editor like sublime text each table name in a line ada to the beginning of the line Delete from add to the end of line where id_lang=1 change 1 with the id of the lang you want to delete so you will get something like this delete from ps_risk_lang where id_lang = 1; delete from ps_stock_mvt_reason_lang where id_lang = 1; delete from ps_supplier_lang where id_lang = 1; delete from ps_supply_order_state_lang where id_lang = 1; delete from ps_tab_lang where id_lang = 1; delete from ps_tax_lang where id_lang = 1; 3- copy past queries in phpmyadmin that's it, it will delete all related unused translates from database
  5. Hi as i read on yotpo website "Yotpo is compatible with Prestashop versions to only." can i use it on prestashop 1.6.1.x ??? no bugs?
  6. go to advanced settings> performance and clear cache,check if disable compile not checked
  7. check database structure, if you did upgrade it not complete upgrade database
  8. one of my client asked me for that,and when i did some search i'm not find any result so i try to selve it my self to do that 1-go to yourtheme/history.tpl 2- search for {foreach from=$orders item=order name=myLoop} 3 - replace it with {assign var='compt' value=1} {foreach from=$orders item=order name=myLoop} {if $compt==1} {literal} <script> $(function(){ {/literal} showOrder(1, {$order.id_order|intval}, '{$link->getPageLink('order-detail', true)|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}'); {literal} }) </script> {/literal} {$compt=2} {/if} Regards, Taoufiq
  9. possible to hook featured product in displayHome but for new product module and best seller module you need to add this public function hookDisplayHome($params) { $this->hookdisplayHomeTabContent($params); } to php file (tested in ps
  10. you need to edit all forms by changing http to https, this will be do manually by editing tpl files in your theme and modules first you will run a script to find pages that contain http,then edit one by one to change it to https 11:03
  11. is this module work for latest version of prestashop ? ( i see in prestashop website that it compatible with it but in prestastock until
  12. files back again no problem i have cracked the code that show the update notifications and everything is ok now i edited in admin module theme page
  13. Hi if not solved yet, check this topic http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/317172-unable-to-configure-module-marked-for-update/?p=1659975
  14. Hi Vikia, even i deleted all xml files from config directory, but the update notification still displayed in backend modules any other solutions for that plz Regards, Taoufiq
  15. same problem,it came from some incompatible modules, but dont know in what module, when i enable developer mode and disable non prestashop modules it work
  16. what is the role of the ISO code that you added ??
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