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  1. gr4devel's post in P.S 1.5 Can't modify order products was marked as the answer   
    Ok I solved alone the problem.
    It was related to the option of the order state.
    Rule: if there is one order state in the order state history of the order with the "Show delivery PDF" checked then the order can't be modified.
    As concept it's pretty consistent but I think that the doc could be improved mentioning this situation.
  2. gr4devel's post in bug SQL Manager PS 1.5 [resolved user error] was marked as the answer   
    Here I am!!!
    I'm sorry for my incredible late response!
    Anyway thank you very much for your support selectshop.at ! And obviously to you El Patron!!!
    At the end the problem was right what you El Patron suggested! I was querying the wrong table so there's no strange behavior regarding the SQL Manager.
    I'm really sorry for having raised so much rumor about the SQL Manager, I hope it will never happen again!
    Btw thanks to everybody!
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