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  1. By the way, I am facing the same issue when retrieving the addresses of some filtered customers
  2. Hi there, We are working on a connector which synchronizes the data of PrestaShop customers with other SaaS applications. In the process, I succeeded in retrieving customers data via an API call in the form of myprestashop/api/customers/?display=full&{some filtering conditions}. Concatenating the customer's ids allows me to create the following API call to bulk-retrieve the orders filtered by the ids of the customers I am processing: myprestashop/api/orders?display=full&filter[id_customer]=[3,4,5] (where "3,4,5" is the concatenation mentionned beforehand). This call: works if all customers have at least one order contains only the orders of customer 3 if customer 4 has no order, but customer 5 has some contains no order at all if customer 3 has no order, but bothcustomers 4 and 5 have some Obviously in the 2. and 3. cases, I would have expected the API to return the orders of all the filtered customers. I haven't found a similar issue in the PrestaShop forums (couldn't even find a forum dedicated to the API). Am I using the API the wrong way? I am using PrestaShop since one of our customers is using this version, thus our connector must work with 1.4.X API. I am puzzled because: case 1. works as expected I am logging PHP errors and nothing was logged. Moreover, had an error occured, I would expect an <error> tag in the API response Until some of you can send some feedback, I guess my only solution is to perform one "orders" call per customer (eg. myprestashop/api/orders?display=full&filter[id_customer]=3) but this breaks the interest of using a bulk API by producing a lot of bandwith traffic and slowing down the whole process. Thanks for reading this post so far!
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