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  1. Found the solution ! Replace whole blockcontactinfos.tpl in /modules or themes/#current theme#/modules with: <!-- MODULE Block contact infos --> <section id="block_contact_infos" class="block "> <button id="contactNavButton" class="hidden nav-button">{l s='Contact us' mod='blockcontactinfos'}</button> <h4 class="hideMobile">{l s='Contact us' mod='blockcontactinfos'}</h4> <div id="contactNav" class="mobiFooterNav">{if $blockcontactinfos_company != ''}<strong>{$blockcontactinfos_company|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</strong>{/if} {if $blockcontactinfos_address != ''}<div class="moreAddress">{$blockcontactinfos_address|regex_replace:"/[\n]/" : "<br />"}</div>{/if} {if $blockcontactinfos_phone != ''}{l s='Tel:' mod='blockcontactinfos'} {$blockcontactinfos_phone|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}<br />{/if} {if $blockcontactinfos_email != ''}{mailto address=$blockcontactinfos_email|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8' encode="hex"}{/if} </div> </section> <!-- /MODULE Block contact infos -->
  2. Hi there, I want to delete the following fields in the registration form: - Title - Date of birth - 2nd address - Company name - Country (I only deliver in the Netherlands) - Additional info - Phone home & mobile - Affiliate email I already tried commenting out (<!-- -->) all of these fields in my authentication.tpl but no result. Any ideas?
  3. Hi all, When I try to edit the block contact infos (the one in the footer) it puts all the info on one line in the footer. So instead of: Company name [email protected] phone It shows as: Company [email protected] Can somebody tell me what to do? I already deleted the module and installed it again but that doesn't work. I'm using blockcontactinfos version 1.0, can't find a newer version. Thanks in advance ! Block contact infos Company name : Address : Phone number : Email :
  4. Thanks Elpatron! I restored product-list.tpl, reinstalled the shopping cart and it works again!
  5. Hi there, If my new users create an account, they still have to click on the dropdown "Already registered? Click here!" to login afterwards. I think this is very unhandy. Is there a way to login automatically after registration? This would be much easier! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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