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  1. Just upgraded from 1.3 to 1.6. Is there any quick way to get all of the demo modules in their default positions or a guide how I can place them in teh correct positions? Using default template. Thanks
  2. Thanks elpatron for the post. OK, so no "individual price for each product, per customer." feature. I see there is a module that does this, but not for V1.5 Damm, was hoping for this feature. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Can anyone confirm if this feature exists please?
  4. Hello, Can Prestashop 1.5 have default product prices, but allow individual pricing per customer that will override this? Thank you to confirm this feature.
  5. Hello, we have a few thousand products in our store, up until recently we could add products and images without any issues. Today we cannot add a new image to any products, we get this line showing in the error logs: [Mon Jun 11 17:18:10 2012] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/sitename/public_html/img/admin/jquery-treeview, referer: https://www.siteurl.com/css/jquery.treeview.css Has anyone seen an issue like this before? Thanks for your time.
  6. Hi Badger, the problem lies that when your templates are parsed the tracking code is not correct (and hence throws the error). You obvously know this now, but it requires a fix to the bing code (not a big one but one that allows it to work in the PS file). Im sorry I do not have that to hand now, but we did it on our site a year or so ago with some google code. ill try to work it out and send here if I can.
  7. I just found this answer, having spent most of the day figuring it out also. By adding the new column into the field in the database, it allowed me to save the new language and proceed with things. I also had to check my theme to make sure the language file was listed under /themes/yourtheme/lang/language file name.php as it was pulling an error that no file was available under my theme.
  8. Hello Tomer, Thank you for a great Module. I have it working as default on a product page, but what do I do to make the button show up on the top of my website header. I already have an icon with a link to facebook page, and wanted the Google Plus button to also show up there. Is there any way I can just add some code to my header.tpl file next to where I have the Facebook icon code so it will work with your module and show the button also up there? Thank you for your response.
  9. No interest in this topic? I thought other people might want to show the date next to their new CMS page also.. so the feature could be used more for news and blogs.
  10. Thanks shacker, so no way for them to show automatically after a new page is added?
  11. Hello, would it be a core hack to add the date to CMS page entries? We use the CMS for a blog / new items, and we link to the CMS category so it displays all of the entries in the category. 1) To sort the ordering of these automatically so the most recent is at the top would be great 2) To include the date of creation next to the title link would be great. Has anyone achieved this? It seems like it would be useful features so the CMS feature can be improved to use as a blog or news feature. Thanks.
  12. Hello, if I have created a category called "News", how do I automatically show those links off in a sidebox "Latest News" type module box? Thank you.
  13. Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. My Fault.... under Shipping > Countries I needed to change the default country!
  14. Ugg.... found it! gotta turn on the "Upgrade Module" under the modules section for the link and feature to be active!
  15. Is it standard settings for prestashop to display the highest shipping carrier cost for logged out users. Version If so, is this possible to change it to the lowest carrier and price?
  16. Hello, after an upgrade from to I now cannot change the category structure... I keep getting: the field [b]id_parent[/b] is invalid error displaying.
  17. Hi, after upgrading to I cannot see the "Upgrade Link" that should be available on the sub menu under Tools?
  18. Yes thank you Kash123, that worked for me! I have already found about 5 bugs in not very impressed with this version so far!
  19. Hello, yes I received "the field id_parent is invalid" also after performing an upgrade from 1.4.1 to 1.4.5. I cannot move categories now.
  20. I had some issues with this module and so contacted the developer. He responded quickly and was very helpful with support. Although this is what you expect with a commercial product, you do not always receive.. and the prestashop add-ons communication system does seem clunky at the best of times. Anyhow, I would purchase again from this developer because the support was very good, and problem turned out to be my configuration settings rather than the module! Thanks David.
  21. Hi Mike, I have made 10+ orders on Add-Ons.. and notice that in the last few months when I pay via Paypal method, I receive a "There was a problem with your order" notification when returning to Prestashop. This always gets allowed, but it takes a good 1-3 hours before I can access my downloads. Paypal sends me the confirmed payment notification right away though! I never used to have this issue until about 8 weeks ago. I wrote to your support contact email but never heard back... and have just had the same thing again now. I figure its a bug iwth your system when payments taken from Paypal method. Its unclear and annoying for a customer to go through this process as usually they want the software to add to their site when they purchase it. Hope you can look into this, or resolve it when you re-do the e-commerce system. Regards, Al
  22. Thanks for taking the time to post your solution... it helped me out as I had exactly same issue, but only on latest MAMP.. I would have been here for hours figuring it out, so heres a beer to you MidnightSun!
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