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  1. Ahh, I've figured out that it has worked for products that already had a short description, but most of my products don't have a short description....
  2. Thanks very much for the help, but neither solutions worked. I edited the product.tpl file in the default theme folder with the code you gave, and then just using {$product->description} but nothing changed when I checked my product pages, even when reloading.
  3. Hi My products don't have very long descriptions anyway, and with the formatting of the product page (I have 'other items in this category' displayed), I realise that I would be better off having my product details in the 'short description'. Unfortunately, I only realised this after entering them all in the 'long description', for 350+ products. Soooo, is there an easy way of swapping the short description for the long description on the product page with some nifty bit of code? TIA Mark Prestashop version: Shop URL: http://www.premsig.com/ Current theme in use: default
  4. Anyone know if this will work with 1.5.3?
  5. I generated a Google sitemap xml file, which the Sitemap link is obviously displaying instead of the php file. Do I need to keep the xml file in my root directory, or can I move/rename it and resubmit it do Google with the new name/location? Sorry, I'm new to this Mark
  6. Lol @ elpatron. No prob. Thanks for your input, Pascal. Unfortunately, this didn't help either. You can see what happens by clicking on the Sitemap link on my homepage, www.premsig.com, but I attached a screenshot as well Cheers Mark
  7. Hi. Thanks for the advice, but I'm not sure what you mean by "turn this feature off". Could you be more specific? The only reference to Sitemap I see in the SEO URLs section is in the first list of pages. I tried deleting the Sitemap entry and following your instructions before recreating it, but this didn't help. Thanks Mark
  8. According to the OP, "this only ports to ps_table data on version to", so it wouldn't work with I have no experience with php or sql, but if anyone has a script for exporting products including image urls before I finish copy & pasting my list manually, I'd be grateful!
  9. Hey. The Sitemap link on my website has suddenly stopped working. I think it's trying to open sitemap.xml, rather than sitemap.php. Anyone know how I can fix this? Cheers Mark Prestashop version: Shop URL: http://www.premsig.com/ Current theme in use: default
  10. Thanks for your help. Can image URLs be exported with a different enquiry? I'll check out the tutorial but I'm a complete novice, so any help would be appreciated. Cheers Mark
  11. Premanshu, that's great, thanks. I'm a complete novice in this. Is there any way to add the URLs of the product page, product image and product thumbnail? Cheers Mark
  12. The link on the word 'cookies' in your cookies law banner is broken. You need to link to a cookies information cms page. I found a cookies information generator online. Click on cookie law compliance tools at http://www.attacat.co.uk/
  13. Got another update from Shareyourcart. They said "Don't worry about the new release. It was a bugfix, but I don't see it on your server, so you're fine. We are preparing a bigger release where you can drag & drop the button. You should upgrade then" So if you have a bug on a previous version, you should try to use the latest update, otherwise wait for the next one.
  14. It's a free module called Cookies Law, by Art Acherman. I got it from the Free Modules section here. cookieslaw v0.4.zip
  15. Got a partial solution to these problems from the Shareyourcart people. Replacing the #buy_block .price button locator code with #add_to_cart sorted out the positioning problem. Still trying to sort out the fatal error.
  16. Hey, anyone using this module? I'm getting a fatal error when I try to load the newest version, v1.11.3. Also, when using the older version, v1.9.2, the button is being displayed between the currency symbol and the discounted price on the product page, if it's on sale. Using the /*before*/ code doesn't help, because then it puts the button between the currency symbol and regular price. Any help? Prestashop version: Shop URL: http://www.premsig.com/ Current theme in use: default
  17. Hi CameraTek. I very much like your border effect, and have been trying to play around with something similar myself, with no success. How did you do this? Can I use your background image? Mark
  18. All right, I think I've solved this! I regenerated the thumbnails, and now everything seems to be working fine.
  19. OK, I found that Automatically redirect to Canonical URL had been activated. I switched it off and now my product and category links work, but still none of the images are being displayed. How can I get them back?
  20. OK, so I've just moved all the files to the root directory, and changed the urls in preferences-->seo urls. The index page loads when I type my website address, but, apart from the image slider, product images are not being displayed and product and category links are broken. What do I need to do? TIA Website is www.premsig.com. I moved the files from http://potcake.premsig.com
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