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  1. Hi, after upgrading my prestashop to I did re-generate the thumbnails as instructed in the post-install todo list. The problem is now that my images in the best seller block is too big so everything looks unaligned now. Anyone now which parameter controls the size of the thumbnails in the bestseller block? I believe they should be 45x45 but they seem to be 64x64. I have uploaded screenshot of best-seller block. Please advice, /K
  2. I have the same problem. I have no problems with the actuall translations but as the original poster states -The order summary is not showing any summary of my order when using the bank-wire module. I am using Please advice, /K
  3. Hi, In the translation page I select to translate e-mail templates, then choosing core. After pressing the flag, in my case the Swedish flag, the page starts loading but then times out. It never finish loading. I have tried several browsers but the problem is the same. Please advice, All the best, /K
  4. Strange, I thought i tried this. Anyway, I followed your suggestion after choosing Core and my country flag. Works like a charm. Thank you very much for helping. With your help I can actually get some sleep now. All the best, /K
  5. When entering Localization, Translations and choosing to translate the e-mail templates. I only get a subset of all templates I do not get the e-mail-confirmation templates etc. Regardless of which language I am trying to translate. When browsing the mail/xx/ subfolders in the prestashop folder I can clearly see all mail templates including the e-mail-confirmation templates. Reading through the forums it seems that I should be able to translate from within the BO. I don't mind editing the files directly but I am just curios why I can't do it from within prestashop. Any advice would be kindly appreciated. All the best, /K
  6. To be honest, it was my own mistake, I was trying to add the CMS HOME to the menues. Instead of the CATEGORIES HOME which indeed was translated to my local language. I apologize for taking up your time. But I post here if someone else makes the same misstake. All the best, /K
  7. Hi, thanks for your reply but I have already tried this. I think there must be a bug. I am using a localized version (swedish, lang id 7) and I have made the change both for the swedish translation as well as the american (just to be sure) but it still shows "Home". See attached screenshots.
  8. I have read all the threads about this problem but none of the suggested solutions works for me. I need to translate the name of the "Home" category so that the Top Menu Header shows the correct localized name. Any advice that can point me into the right direction would be kindly appreciated. I am using latest stable version /K
  9. I have the same problem and my hosting company allows only 5000. So I cannot access the module translation page as well. Any advice on how to get around this would be kindly appreciated.
  10. After upgrading my shop to 1.5.4 I get extremely sluggish performance when browsing with Safari. Chrome and Firefox works as expected. I have tried this on two Mac computers and the problem is the same on both computers. I have tried removing the cache in Safari as well as rebooting but nothing works. Please advice, /K
  11. It is, and I have reinstalled Prestashop and the issue persist. Could it be associated with the add ons login bug? /K
  12. Hi, I have tried to download the swedish and danish language files and successfully imported them. The back-office is translated as expected but front-office has no translation and all entries is missing. However, I can cleary see in the downloaded languepacks that the entries are there. Please advice on how to resolve this. I am using /K
  13. Hi, when trying to access the Modules and Themes Catalog link I just get a blank page. The browser loads the page but I never reach the page it self. It did work before and I don't know what I did to break it... The only thing I have done is adding a few products and images through the backoffice menues as well as localized it to swedish. I am using the version localized with a custom theme. All the requirement checks succeeded when installing. Please advice, I would love to browse and buy some themes and modules. This is the page that is loaded when clicking on the menu link under Modules. http://www.XXXXXXXX....f5d93208f134001 /K
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