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  1. I'm pretty much used to encountering errors on every single step in Prestashop but with this I'm stuck because not a single function works. Trying to import a Polish language pack from my old store on PS 1.5.4. Now running Add/Update language: > The translations have been succesfully added. Result: nothing. Still not a single translation. Import a language pack manually: > Validation failed for: mails/pl/lang.php > Imported official pack from Prestashop. Succesful but NOTHING has happened. Export a language: > 2 errors An error occurred while creating archive. Please select a language and a theme. Both of which I have done, obviously. Modify translations is the only function on that page that works. So I would have to manually translate 1000+ fields to get my shop back in the language I use it in. Surely there is an easier way? I'm using Megastore theme.
  2. Facebook is blocking all posts I make on my fanpage with the url containing /en/ (this points to an English site, the default language is different). I have reported this numerous times and though they are losing all my business as an advertiser, it doesn't seem to bother them. I was wondering if a workaround this problem wouldn't be to change /en/ to something else, like /uk/ or /eng/ if a 3 letter code will work with PS. How can I do this? I mustn't lose any translations in the process. Edit: Furthermore, is it possible to access the home page in a different language without using the language suffix? I've also noticed that if the product name is in English, there is no need for the /en/ to be in the URL. However, if a customer wants to share a link on Facebook, the copied URL of the site will always include /en/. Another solution to this problem could be for PS to not include /en/ in the product/CMS URL - can this be done? I'm running and cannot upgrade - too many mods.
  3. Hi, PS 1.5.6 I have the following problem. I have created zones for each European country in order to differentiate shipping costs. Germany is in zone Germany, Austria in zone Austria etc. Everything works apart from Italy which is in zone Italy but will not fetch a carrier if the carrier is configured for zone Italy. It must be configured for zone Europe to get a quote. This leads me to the assumption that for some reason Italy is fixed in zone Europe despite it being assigned to zone Italy. I've double checked this in SQL and it's assigned to zone Italy. Both the country and zone are enabled. Any help? Please someone help me out, I hardly ever get a reply to my questions, starting to lose faith in people on this forum actually knowing something about Prestashop. Seems the only way to get an answer is to pay someone, surely that defies the whole point of a forum...
  4. I'm in the process of testing a new release of my website on Prestashop. I have encountered a very strange error when I thought the testing was done. Tell me what you think. I asked my girlfriend to test the website just like the other people did. So she goes on it and encounters 3 very strange errors nobody has ever seen before. - Prices do not include VAT - Product pages are completely empty She uses Windows 8 and the same version of Chrome as I do. I ran the website on an incognito window and in IE and in both cases it works. I have also enabled all the addons she uses in the Incognito browser and this did not affect the correct displaying of product pages or prices. However, in the Chrome Incognito window, Youtube and Vimeo videos which are arranged in product tabs RANDOMLY (not always) appear when the page loads in the top left corner of the screen. Clicking on the correct tab (film) makes the video move back to the tab. Inspecting the website also shifts the video back to where it should be. I doubt I'll get any help regarding this but if you have any ideas please let me know. This is rather worrying considering the store is about to go online. Edit: I have probably found the cause of this error but I'm no IT specialist so I don't understand anything. After logging out, the prices returned to normal and the product page displayed correctly. However, when still logged in, I get this error: Anyone?
  5. I'm running PS 1.5.4. The site is run in two languages - Polish is the default language and English is for international customers. The category menu / main menu is sorted alphabetically in Polish and I had to do the sorting manually. When the language is changed to English, the category order remains the same. This means the order is no longer alphabetical for English. Is there a way of sorting the category menu alphabetically in both languages?
  6. Website address: www.presta.trialshop.pl Website is still under development. It is run in Polish but most of it is translated into English so feel free to switch languages. I would like to change the way Prestashop deals with default product options. I would like the default option to be the first one available in stock and for it to be pre-selected whenever the product page is opened. Currently, Prestashop requires you to chose the default product option in the product options tab. I need to do this because I have had a few test customers get confused as to which options are in stock or even whether the product is in stock. Example of problem and how I would like it resolved: http://www.presta.trialshop.pl/en/49-rims-26 Item 1 - Neon Single Wall 26" 35mm rim is unavailable in the default black colour but it is available in gold. It therefore has the "Please check availability of product options." status. I would like for the status to be "in stock" whenever at least one product option is available. Please note that this is not a matter of just changing the translation to say "in stock". "Please check availability of product options." should be replaced with the "add to cart" button which will transfer the customer to the product page so he can chose the product option he is interested in. When he reaches the product page, the first product option which is in stock should already be selected. Also, when we open the product: http://www.presta.trialshop.pl/en/rims-26/415-obrcz-neon-single-wall-26-35mm.html we will find that no product option is selected. This is because black is default but not in stock and therefore hidden (I have the out of stock options hidden). I need the first product option which is in stock to be the default one - so in this case gold should already be selected when the customer opens the product page thus giving the green "in stock" message. Please note that some products can have a variety of options: http://www.presta.trialshop.pl/en/rims-26/290-obrcz-inspired-team-26-36mm.html http://www.presta.trialshop.pl/en/spares/103-o-pedau-echo.html Further issue: You will find that those products which have product options have a translation issue for the "in stock" message. This has probably been messed up by the previous contractor who tried to work his way around some problem but didn't finish. If you select gold for the Neon Single Wall 26" 35mm rim, you will see an "in stock" message appear for a split second, before being replaced by "towar dostępny" which is the polish equivalent of "in stock". I have various other problems with the store but this one requires the most immediate attention. If you feel you are up for the job please provide: - References or your companies website - preferably both - As accurate a quote as possible I will require an invoice and can pay using PayPal. Users with few to no posts at all will not get the job and neither will members who have been on here for less than a year. I will among other things, be assessing the level of competence by the quality of advice provided to other forum users. You can also give me a quote for alphabetically sorting the categories list. Currently it is sorted alphabetically in Polish, but in English it's a complete mess. I will not be commissioning this job for another month or two but if you leave me your details, I will get back to you.
  7. I've applied this line of code and it assigns the correct order status but messes something else up. Now after placing the order, the customer does not get an important message with what to do next, instead he gets the following: Despite the above error, the order is placed correctly, the customer gets the right email and the order status is the one I want it to be. However, there should be certain crucial information displayed on this step and it's not being displayed. I'm editing the validation file in: bankwire\controllers\front\ since editing the one in the root folder doesn't make any difference to which status is assigned to the order. I have however edited that too just in case. This is the line of code I'm using in bankwire\controllers\front\validation.php: $this->module->validateOrder($cart->id, 22, $total, $this->module->displayName, NULL, $mailVars, (int)$currency->id, false, $customer->secure_key);
  8. Thanks so much for the help. You say it is possible to use status ID's. If I'd like to use for instance ID 5 then what do I enter in the function?
  9. I recently got a " No payment modules have been installed." error on a store that is still being developed. The store currently has 3 payment modules that have always worked but now fail no matter the delivery address, currency or language used. The payment modules are assigned to all currencies in the store, all countries and all classes of customer. I have double checked that my account and store settings match these. I have also temporarily added another payment module being PayPal to check whether it will appear as a payment method but I still get the error above. Any suggestions as to why there is absolutely nothing in the payment method step all of a sudden? I haven't changed any settings in the store. Edit: PROBLEM SOLVED. The problem was a module Ship 2 Pay (never touched it) which has either been installed by accident or had it's config wiped out. Basically no payment options were assigned to any carriers.
  10. Can someone explain to me how to assign a certain order status to a payment option? For instance: - Customer chose to pay by Check - order status is set to "check payment" and customer gets email A - Customer chose to pay by Bank Transfer - order status is set to "bank transfer" and customer gets email B In case someone got me wrong, I am not trying to assign an email template to an order status, I'm trying to make Prestashop assign a predefined order status to an order depending on what payment method was chosen. I already know how to add email templates and assign them to statuses.
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