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  1. Moving directories

    Okay, so can I make sure that I have fully understood this before I start. I currently have a prestashop installation at mysite/shop and I have created a new installation at mysite/newshop. From the answers above I need to copy the p and c directories from mysite/shop/img to mysite/newshop/img And then export categories and products from the back office of the original shop and import them into the new shop. I'm not too worried about getting customers to register again and there's only two people with employee rights, so I can create those manually. Is this correct?
  2. Moving directories

    Thanks guys, so if I've understood you correctly, the issue is copying the product and category elements of the SQL database from the old install into the new one. I'm not particularly au fait with SQL databases, so please excuse me if this sounds like a silly question, but would it be possible to redirect my new prestashop install to look at the old prestashop tables? And if it is how would I go about it?
  3. Blank screen

    ... about 5 minutes and it has gone down again, but with another error. I'm considering deleting out my entire classes and controller directories and reloading them from a fresh download. Does this sound like a sensible approach?
  4. I've had some problems over the last few months with speed issues and apparently random faults appearing, all of which suggests to me that some of my files have become corrupted. So I have decided to reinstall the software cleanly in another directory on my site, Is there an easy way to move all my products from one install to another?
  5. Blank screen

    Okay, I've deleted another file classes/cache.php and once again the store is back up and running. But for how long?
  6. Blank screen

    Okay. I did some reading around and as a consequence deleted out my classes/shop.php and Db.php with the consequence that store came back online. Hurrah ... But then it went down again with a new error Any suggestions ...
  7. Blank screen

    On No nothing was changed, the website crashed according to Pingdom at 6:40 am this morning (while I was in bed asleep)
  8. Blank screen

    Okay error reporting turned on ...
  9. Blank screen

    My shop has been running fine for over a year, a few issues over speed, but nothing drastic. Today though I cannot get into either the front or back office, simply get a blank white page. Other sites that I have running on the same server are fine. Any ideas? http://www.framptoncards.com/shop/en/
  10. undefined method Shop::initialize()

    Yes to both Vekia. My host changed my server about two months ago and since then I have had problems with the speed of my site. I suspect some of my files have been corrupted, though I don't know how to identify which ones!
  11. undefined method Shop::initialize()

    Okay, I've resolved this issue, though I don't know how or why it occured. I removed and reinstated my classes/shop.php file and everything is now back to normal.
  12. My shop has been running in for a number of months without incident Then today without having made any changes, or even accessed the shop it has gone down with with a 500 error stating Fatal error: Call to undefined method Shop::initialize() in /home/bob2612/public_html/shop/config/config.inc.php on line 87 What has happened and how do I correct it please?
  13. CMS Categories

    No, my issue was that I wanted to change the name of the category from "home" to something more meaningful on a menu bar and Vekia, has shown me how to do this with his solution. Thanks Vekia
  14. I think this is an absolutely fantastic little module. It appears so simple, yet is actually really versatile and with some CSS manipulation, I'm using it in my current project to replace the top horizontal menu entirely. If had to offer a suggestion for new features, I would suggest some way that users could add in additional sites from the back office. Or alternatively that users could amend the list of websites for themselves. I did try because the version I was working on only had 8 sites and I needed 9, but I couldn't make it work, and then you produced your latest version with 11 sites and hey presto! If it had these facilities I would be prepared to pay for this addon. It is simply too good a module to be free!
  15. Okay, well I suppose that is a third way of doing it. Your product page is 980px wide too, but the div containing the product is only 535px wide and floats left, which is why you have almost half a page of white space. You could put padding in the classes that control your product .container_9 and .grid_5 but these are likely to be used on other pages too, so anything you change here could knock those pages askew.