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  1. you should be able to export your db into a sql file if your using phpMyAdmin, then copying this over to your desktop and import it.
  2. copying the files over should work fine, make sure you copy your db over aswell.
  3. i think it should be in your product.tpl file
  4. looks like your using it in the right way, try moving the cufon js files to the js folder in the root
  5. is there anyway in which i can set the shipping price automatically depending on the customers delivery country. eg if they were delivery to the uk then the shop would automatically select uk shipping as their shipping option.
  6. is it possible to skip the shipping step and have the shipping automatically applied according to the country of the delivery address?
  7. hi, how do i dispaly a list of product features or combination assigned to a product in the back office on the product listings page?
  8. you might want to look at cufon. its similar to sifr but user javascript rather than flash.
  9. im seeing css files that are called html.css, forms.css appear on my site when i use firebug. Does anyone know where these are coming from? and how do i stop them from appearing? Heres a snippet of some of the css from forms.css: *|*::-moz-fieldset-content { display:block; height:100%; } legend { border:medium none; float:none !important; height:auto !important; max-height:none !important; max-width:none !important; min-height:0 !important; min-width:0 !important; padding-left:2px; padding-right:2px; position:static !important; white-space:nowrap; width:-moz-fit-content !important; } fieldset { border:2px groove threedface; display:block; margin-left:2px; margin-right:2px; padding:0.35em 0.625em 0.75em; } label { cursor:default; } input { -moz-appearance:textfield; -moz-user-select:text; -x-system-font:-moz-field; background-color:-moz-field; border:2px inset threedface; color:-moz-fieldtext; cursor:text; font-family:-moz-use-system-font; font-size:-moz-use-system-font; font-size-adjust:-moz-use-system-font; font-stretch:-moz-use-system-font; font-style:-moz-use-system-font; font-variant:-moz-use-system-font; font-weight:-moz-use-system-font; letter-spacing:normal; line-height:normal !important; padding:1px 0; text-align:start; text-indent:0; text-rendering:optimizelegibility; text-transform:none; word-spacing:normal; } input > .anonymous-div { white-space:pre; }
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