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  1. Is deze wel correct? Als ik hem vervang, zijn namelijk zowel de hoofdcategorieën als de subcategorieën weer op de oude standaard manier...
  2. Thank you, that question is solved now. Do you have also a solution for the delivery date? Thanks again!
  3. I understand, you want to make the BESTILLINGSVARE (out of stock) in for example a red color and on stock still in blue. What you can do is the following, open this file: themes/your theme/css/product.css Search for: #availability_value.warning_inline There you will find a background-color. Behind change you color to, for example: #CE1017 This will change the color from out of stock items to red. You can change this parameter into any HTML color you want. Let me know if this works for you, if you still have any problems please advise and I will try to help you out. Kind Regards!
  4. Show me a screen where you want that color to appear! No problem, we just need to stay at the same level haha, so a screen would be helpful me!
  5. If it is right the color of the product status on the product page is handled standard in prestashop. When you add a product go to the tab 'Quantities' and at the bottom you will find two fields where you can enter your text which you want to display when a product is in stock and when it is out of stock. When you add these, you will find a red marked field with your text at the product page when your product is out of stock and a green one when your product is in stock. Hope this is what you mean Regards!
  6. No problem! Do you mean on the product page itself or do you mean the list that shows the products?
  7. Kwantumkortingsprobleem is inmiddels opgelost. Date of delivery kom ik echter nog steeds niet uit, heeft iemand daar nog een aanvulling voor? Bedankt!
  8. I can't get it working on the product.tpl page. On the product_list.php it works. Does somebody has a solution or more detailed description from the solution above? Thank you!
  9. Dear all, I have a question about the standard prestashop modules delivery date and quantity discount. I am using prestashop version 1.5.3. First of all, on the check-out page where you can choose your carrier, you can see your estimated delivery date. Though it works, I do have a problem with it. When I have for example 5 pieces in stock from product X and I order 6 pieces, it gives me the minimum delivery date (for on stock products). But what I want in this case is to show the maximum delivery date (in my situation 3 days-5 days extra). That is all set in the back-office. But how can I make this work? About the quantity discount. Now it is sorted this way for example: 30 pieces - 20 pieces - 10 pieces. What I want is a reversed sequence of this. 10 pieces - 20 pieces - 30 pieces etc. I did try a few thinks but those didn't work out well. Can somebody provide me with a code for it? Thank you all in advance!
  10. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/171659-hidedisable-left-and-right-columns-on-the-basis-of-current-page/ Found it over here. It works though. But it deletes the right column in the whole category section, which I don't want. Just want it to disappear on the pages where the product list is displayed.
  11. Dear all, I am working on my webshop and using PS version 1.5.3. Now I want to hide the right column but only on the product list page. I did find some codes to hide it on the whole category section. But I only want to hide it on the categories which includes an active product list. Not on my main categories or eventual subcategories which don't have any products in it. Your help would be really appreciated! Martijn
  12. Inderdaad, dat is wat ik bedoelde. Is het mogelijk dat zo aan te passen? Ik heb namelijk meerdere (sub)categorieën onder elkaar. Bedankt!
  13. Wanneer ik de module categories gebruik, dan krijg ik wel een gridweergave in de eerste subcategorie onder de hoofdcategorie, maar wanneer er weer subcategorieën zitten onder andere subcategorieën, krijg ik geen gridweergave maar de oude lijst weergave. Klopt dit, is dit een fout, of doe ik iets fout? Bedankt!
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