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  1. *Blank, sorry. I've the error reporting on, and no errors are display
  2. Hi guys I don't know if here is the right section to post my problem, sorry if it isn't. Now my problem is, I did an upgrade of Prestashop from version to version and everything went fine. After the upgrade I installed a theme i bought in Prestashop Add Ons. The installation of theme went fine and no errors were displayed after installation. But after the installation i can not view the product catalog in the backoffice, a blank page appear instead....I've alread try dowgrade and upgrade again to old version ( and the exactely the same thing happen. Apparently all of the other features of backoffice work. Can you guys help me? thank you
  3. SOLVED based on -> http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/165430-solved-adjust-prestashop-new-15-theme-to-2-columns/ just add #product #center_column {width: xxx px;} in global.css
  4. Hello all. Recently I bought a theme for my online store, and now I'm editing it to match my needs. The problem is as follows, editing css files i manage to edit the product page (I edited the width of the center column and basically occupies the entire width of the page) so far so good. When I went to check the main page of a category, the grid of the products appear out of position. I know that the problem is due to the changes I made previously, as they share the same css file. but would like to keep the changes in the product page and solve the problem of the category page. Can someone help me? product page -> attach 1 category page -> attach 2
  5. Same problem in this topic http://www.prestasho...n-product-page/ i've already try this solution, i change the number of images to 5, but still show only 3...
  6. Hello everyone I am a recent user of prestashop, would expose a doubt here. My page Product has the structure show that the printscreen, I wonder if it is possible to change the number of thumbnail images that appear underneath the big picture. The change was that he wanted it to be displayed all images available for the product without you having the need to use the navigation buttons to view other images available. Thank you. PS: I am using the version "PrestaShop ™"
  7. Hello guys, I have a small question regarding this module, what I want is to apply a discount (eg 10% discount on all products since 15/02/2013 to 28/02/2013) without having to apply this reduction in each product manually. This module allows you to do this operation? I'm using PrestaShop
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