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  1. Ok i forgot to mention! I have already explore the prestashop's tables looking for the image URL or something like that but i didn't found it. if it is there as a field on some table and i'm missing it. please tell me where. THANKS !
  2. How to link an image to the product? HI!! this is my first post ever. so i'm sorry if this isn't the right category or something. The thing is that i have over 21.000 products that i will import to prestashop. that's easy if i import the csv field. the problem that i found out is how to import the images?.. for that i will do a script that copies the images where they have to be => img/p on a folder wich name will be the product's id on prestashop.. but then i have to link that image to the product.. how can i do that? I'll apreciate any help... THANKS!! EDIT: Ok! when i import the csv file i can set the image url. so this was a silly question in fact!!! thanks anyways..
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