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  1. Both products can not be in the cart at same time . If product A is available you are not able to add product B and vice versa. Can you please send me code from where I can chane into displayPayment hook ?
  2. Yes I want that if product A is in cart than bankwire appear only and when product B is in cart than cheque payment method is appear only. I have checked that listing appear from displayPayment hook . Please help me how I can change into that hook
  3. Hello, I want to enable payment method for all countries. For example : if I have specific product In Cart than I can have one payment method only let's say bank wire. And for all other products all payment methods. Please help me how can I do this. ?
  4. Hello All, I need help on payment list on order page. Payment methods are enable from back-office and i want to hide some of them on front-end. I have search for the hook and got "displayPayment" hook to display payment list. Can any one help me how can i change payment list on front-end even if it is installed and enable from back-office. Thanks in advance for your help Regards Maksud Khatri
  5. Hello Everyone, I want to change product name on cart page and order history page. For example : When i am on product page, It display "Product 1" and when i add product to cart than on cart page i want to have "Product XYZ". and same for the order history. Please help me on this. Regards Maksud Khatri.
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