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  1. I had clear the cache of my website and after this I am getting this error while login into the dashboard. HTTP 500 error That’s odd... the website can’t display this page I manage to get th Debug Mode from FTP and this Error I get (1/1) ParameterNotFoundException You have requested a non-existent parameter "mailer_user". in ParameterBag.php line 102 at ParameterBag->get('mailer_user') in EnvPlaceholderParameterBag.php line 57 at EnvPlaceholderParameterBag->get('mailer_user') in ParameterBag.php line 219 at ParameterBag->resolveString('%mailer_user%', array('mailer_user' => true)) in ParameterBag.php line 189 at ParameterBag->resolveValue('%mailer_user%', array()) in ParameterBag.php line 179 at ParameterBag->resolveValue(array('transport' => '%mailer_transport%', 'host' => '%mailer_host%', 'username' => '%mailer_user%', 'password' => '%mailer_password%', 'spool' => array('type' => 'memory')), array()) in ParameterBag.php line 179 at ParameterBag->resolveValue(array(array('transport' => '%mailer_transport%', 'host' => '%mailer_host%', 'username' => '%mailer_user%', 'password' => '%mailer_password%', 'spool' => array('type' => 'memory')))) in MergeExtensionConfigurationPass.php line 57 at MergeExtensionConfigurationPass->process(object(ContainerBuilder)) in MergeExtensionConfigurationPass.php line 39 at MergeExtensionConfigurationPass->process(object(ContainerBuilder)) in Compiler.php line 141 at Compiler->compile(object(ContainerBuilder)) in ContainerBuilder.php line 778 at ContainerBuilder->compile() in Kernel.php line 641 at Kernel->initializeContainer() in Kernel.php line 135 at Kernel->boot() in Kernel.php line 195 at Kernel->handle(object(Request), 1, false) in index.php line 88 PrestaShop's 1.7
  2. There is some strange behavior i am facing In the product segment if someone is clicking Quick View and try to add product for buy it is adding to Cart However if the product is clicked for details and then clicking on Add to cart - it is not adding in Cart and showing There are no more items in your cart Can someone help in what went wrong site is caressl.com Ver:- Default Theme (Note: We had recently shifted to another hosting and the transfer was done by the Host Team.)
  3. Hi I want to change the Instruction for Order Comment that is written during the Check Out time at Shipping Information (Please see the Image below/attachment) Can some one help me and inform where in the File I can edit the same. Want to Edit Like this - " Please Paste your CSR here, If require help please click the following Link for Details". (Want to have a Clickable Link in Sentence too) Please help with details step wise. Since I am not much techie Site: caressl.com Version : -
  4. When ever I am clicking on Modules & Services, I am getting this error SOLVED Oops! An Error Occurred The server returned a "500 Internal Server Error". Something is broken. Please let us know what you were doing when this error occurred. We will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please help
  5. I am also having same issue. If any one get an answer please help me. My query is same
  6. Is there anyone to help me. Contacted the Help but No Gain Help says Contact PayPal as its there problem. PayPal Says contact Module Help as its there problem Please if any one has any answer do let me know. Else if you know how can I use the PayPal Invoice Payment System in p 1.7X then please let me know that also.
  7. caressl


    But it doesn't have body tag html
  8. caressl


    In Prestashop 1.5 footer.tpl was in themes folder in Prestashop 1.7 where it is that............. want o paste custom script before body html tag
  9. I had installed Official PayPal & BrainTree Module But after the installation its showing error : An error occurred. Please, check your credentials Paypal I am attaching the Word file with the Screem Shot of What happens. I have PrestaShop Installed Default Currency is USD ($) Default Country is India Theme is - Default Classic I had gone through the form and not able to find out solution hence opening this new thread. Please if any one has any knowledge, help with step wise resolution. presproblem.docx
  10. i have an issue with Shipping Method. My products do not associated with any specific shipping method. I have 2 shipping method enabled (default shiping methods of PrestaShop No modules) 1. Free Shipping 2. Shipping with Installation @ 35$ Problem is that whenever customer select a product on first instance the second shipping add automatic. While during checkout customer get chance to select first one but want to know why shipping adding during product selection stage only. And if it's default setting then how to get free shipping auto select during product adding. PrestaShop 1.7.4 Caressl dot com Please help
  11. Hi, Want to know if I can change the nomenclature of Field Supplier Means what to showcase Not Supplier But listed it as Merchant or something else Or Let me put: What I do I Resell SSL I Need to do following Change Nomenclature of Supplier/ Brand to Certificate Authority or CA Resp Then The Second:- How to align following I have Cert from all Cert Autho Example Product 1 is OV SSL Cert - Want Menu as OV / DV/ EV/ASM/ EMAIL and Under OV sub Link Different Cert Authority Example Product 2 is DV SSL Cert - Want Menu as OV / DV/ EV/ASM/ EMAIL and Under DV Sub Link Different Cert Authority PrestaShop - 1.7.Above Theme - Classic Default
  12. Password has been changed... Problem is that after changing password, during the Loggin in my Shop, it stays on the same screen even after entring the details,.... its not going to shop...
  13. There is some problm from this morning. First My Password not accepting... Then I tried too Change using PhpMyAdmin - Unable to Log in Get the PhpMyAdmin Corrected and change the Password Now I am entrting username & password on my Shop admin log in window,,, but it stays same Screen of Log In even after entering all details.... Any one knows what gone wrong
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