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    Hi very interesting module,

    but on PS 1.6.11

    it's works once , one upload and after the module prevent " Error creating event."

    What's wrong on it

    Thanks fo this creative job


    redtango2,  I don't have access to to an installed version of PS 1.6 so I am not sure what is happening.  Make sure your are using the EventFlyer attached to this post and not the GitHub version as GitHub zips the file differently. You may want to contact Vassend on this forum who is also using PS 1.6.


  2. Hi,

    The GitHub zip file can add some things that make it difficult for Prestashop to handle if you don't know how to change it. Just delete any files you have downloaded so far and click on the link below which will download a new zip file to your desktop. Leave it there for now.




    Get into your Prestashop Administration page and go to your Modules tab and click Modules. There you will find an "Add new module" button. Click on it and upload the zip file from your desktop. It should now appear in your module listing as "Event Flyers". Click install and then configure it to your needs.


    Hope you like it.



  3. Event Flyers Module

    Allows to upload multiple event flyers and and display them on your home page.

    SEE: screenshot.png

    Designed for PrestaShop™ - Should work in newer releases
    Event Flyers by Larry Sacherich 2014-06-02
    Based on Banner Manager by by Gastón Franzé

    Event Flyers:
        A small handbill advertising an event or product.
        i.e. leaflet, handout, handbill, brochure, circular or advertisement
        Inspired by: Banner Manager Module

        Displays flyers on homepage (and left or right columns - NOT TESTED)
        Uses jQuery FancyBox
        Expanded configuration options
        Select sizes of main image and thumbnail
        Keeps the original image for future image resizing
        Option to crop thumbnail to show only top of flyers


    Download the attached file: eventflyers.zip


    Also See: github.com/lsacher/PrestaShop-Event-Flyers-Module  (contains sample data)


    EXAMPLE: http://dnl-Antiques.com/  (bottom of page)



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  4. I installed PrestaShop and the front page of the store comes up just fine. But when I click on anything all I get is a Fatal Error. I have tried everything for the past two days, searched the forums and nothing I do seems to get around the problem.


    I changed config/defines.inc.php to define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); and I get this error:


    Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 19398656) (tried to allocate 74332 bytes) in /home/dee/public_html/prestashop15/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php on line 195


    All links on the FO home page get the same error while the BO administration seems to work okay. The phpinfo() showsmemory_limit 512M 512M. The default memory was 64M. I'm also using suphp if that makes any difference. Attached is the PrestaShop Configuration Information.


    I have separately installed Prestashop and all the links on the FO home page seem to work just fine!


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Configuration Information.txt

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