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  1. Hello everyone, I have a running where I get the message Technical error: unable to load form, when I try to create an account on the login page. http://noodles2go.dk/authentication?back=my-account I've tried looking around the forum and it seems people claim disabling the mobile theme module(I've read module even though I can't find said module) will help. Where is this module? Or is the the mobile theme options under the theme selector that is meant? If so disabling this doesn't help. I've tried reverting to the default theme and that didn't change anything. I hope someone can help, thanks in advance and have a lovely day.
  2. Hi everyone, I did some searching without finding an answer to my question. Is there a way to set the shop id? There is a id_shop property, so I figured this must be editable in order to keep track of your shops. However I didn't really find anywhere I could set this, what purpose does it serve can it be changed or will that break stuff? Thanks in advance and have a lovey day
  3. Hi everyone, I didn't have much luck looking in the forums, but my searching skills may need some work. I am trying to call an API after order confirmation which will dispatch the order to a printer. I've made a little test module that hooks on to displayOrderConfirmation, this works lovely. My challenge now is to dig out the data I need to send to the API. My problem is I have no idea which objects are available to me at this point. I've tried dumping some objects to see what's what. $orderObject = $params['objOrder']; $customerObj = $params['objOrder']->getCustomer(); $addressId = $orderObject->id_address_delivery; $address = new Address(intval($orderObject->id_address_delivery)); $this->Dump($address, "ADDRESS"); foreach ($params['objOrder']->getProducts() as $product) { $this->Dump($params, "PRODUCT"); } $this->Dump($orderObject, "ORDER"); $this->Dump($customerObj, "CUSTOMER"); So far I've found the delivery address, customer looks fine aswell. I have some trouble with finding the product names. I think they showed up when I just dumped the entire getProducts array. So I guess my questions are: Am I getting the address correctly, is this best practice? Am I getting the customer data correctly? How do I get proper order and product data, specifically the product names, if possible attributes and price impact of those? Thanks in advance and have a nice day
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