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  1. I have having issues with Prestashop and integration with Linnworks. Linnworks does a query check and has flagged MarkAsProcessedOrders INSERT INTO ps_order_history (id_employee, id_order, id_order_state, `date_add`) SELECT 1 as id_employee, o.id_order as id_order, '4' as id_order_state, '[{dProcessedOn}]' as `date_add` FROM ps_orders o INNER JOIN ( SELECT id_order, id_order_state as order_status FROM ps_order_history ) os ON os.id_order = o.id_order WHERE concat('PS-', o.id_order, '-', CONVERT(o.date_add, UNSIGNED)) = '[{ReferenceNum}]'; --GO;-- Linnworks support have said that there is an extra ' near 4 and suggested: SELECT 0 as id_employee, o.id_order as id_order, '4' as id_order_state, '[{dProcessedOn}]' as `date_add` But that did not work. Am I missing something?
  2. Hi, I sell items in a box or singles, is there a way to have two prices for products? Thanks Edit: For some reason I cannot reply, thanks for the link.
  3. Hi, How SEO is Prestashop out of the box? I only ask because I have another website made with Actinic, it was mainly HTML based with not much dynamic scripting and PHP content and it is the number 1/2 for most of my main keywords. It is a specific target market but it beats other sites using OSC, Zen cart and others. I have not added any special meta tags or special coding, just out of the box with my site products and very minimal content. Is it the HTML core? The shops it is competing with have maybe 50-75% more content and more products.
  4. I know how to create a voucher, I meant I want to add a voucher to an order already placed i.e. not a public voucher, something like an internal voucher for when things go wrong. I can't see another way of adding discounts.
  5. Hi, Thanks, I found Order Edit for version 1.25. No demos of it working though. Is there a way to add a voucher or credit to a customers order? What I do now is if I send a package late or there is some issue in Actinic I can specify an amount or percentage discount or I can add a voucher if a customer forgot to use one which is very handy. The Super user is an interesting way to create an order, seem to work.
  6. Hi, I have been testing the store and adding products. For the shipping I have items of various weights from small light items to large cases. I had some issues with figuring out what to do where in which order. I use Royal Mail for packages under 4kg and Courier for signed for and 4kg+. What I did was note down the weight ranges and prices, then simply name each title Royal Mail 1 (probably change that to Royam Mail <250g), Royal mail 2 etc and the same for Courier 1, 2 etc. Is that the only way to do it? Is there like a table rate way as in OSC? It just seem repetitive and doing the same steps over again. Thanks
  7. Hi, Is there a way to edit an order item i.e. qty or price? Also add a surcharge or make a discount after the order is placed? Also is there a option to create an offline order i.e. make an order on the system for a customer (or not) to have on the system for tax/stock purposes? I currently use Actinic for my store which is good but a bit dated, I like prestashop and the modular options and the fact that it is online admin rather than pc based admin like actinic. I am using the the current beta 1.3.
  8. Ok I should have made sure I did the .htaccess properly. I was sure that I uploaded blank .htaccess file and clicked on generate but I did it again and it works fine now.
  9. Hi, I am new to the store and I am currently testing. I added some products, they are in the new products list on the front page but when I click on them I get this: We're sorry, but the Web address you entered is no longer available I also get this when I click on the provided sample products. I am using the current 1.3 beta
  10. Hi, Can anyone who has setup a UK Prestashop store please give some views on its' suitability out of the box or with addons for use as a UK store please. I want to use this for a basic store with Paypal and/or Google checkout with the option for Cheque and Bank transfer. I am not VAT registered yet but will need to be soon so a working VAT system would be great. Also, shipping options, I will use custom prices based on Royal Mail and courier. I have an Actinic store and I did try Magento but that was just too stressful and a non professional coder, I also bought CRELoaded but that required a lot of work to get the addons and localisation. Thanks
  11. Hi, I know there is no release date for the final version as yet. I have downloaded the beta and I am in the process of setting up a store. What will the upgrade process from Beta to Final? Having only recently downloaded the files I am no pro but I don't want to hack the code and then have to replace the files - looking at the Modules process I hope I won't need to.
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