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  1. Hi guys I'm hoping someone can help I've been filling around with the pack options a bit, but cant seem to get it to do quite what I want it to do. here is what I'd like to try do. I've got 3 individual items on my store, lets call them X, Y and Z for this example the combined price is $20 what I'd like to do is offer a combo pack including items X, Y and Z for $18 thing is users need to select the attributes for items X, Y and Z which users cant seem to do when I preview the pack? I know I can simply manually add the combinations in the back office for the pack, but I'd like it to be linked to the individual products. ie: if item X is out of stock in black, then the user mustn't be able to select said item in the "pack" is there a way to do this? or do I need to buy one of the expensive $100 plus modules to do this?
  2. thank for all your time and help elpatron , I managed to find what I was looking for in one of the other threads in the forum http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/7643-how-to-change-default-order-status-for-some-payment-module/ turns out I was looking for the wrong code, statuses are referenced as _PS_OS_(different statuses) and to change a default payment module status it looks like one needs to change it in the /validation.php of that module
  3. editing the code isnt the problem, I've got the relevant programs to do that, have been fiddling around changing text, moving stuff, changing modules etc. and have been trying to work out how the default payment modules work by reading their code. It's just I'm not sure what code line I'm supposed to be looking for, or adding to have a payment module automatically be set as a defined status when used or where the statuses are referenced in payment module code? would it be referenced in the main module .php code? or would it be in one if the index or config codes?
  4. I know this is the developer section, I was hoping guys who had built their own payment modules would be able to help me, I dont know too much about coding, but am trying to learn so what file would I need to edit to get the module to go to a predefined status? and what code would I need to insert? would you be able to show me an example? say I wanted the wire transfer to rather go to "payment accpeted" instead of "awaiting bank wire payment" what specific code would I have to change? and where?
  5. Ok maybe I'm not wording my question correctly, maybe let me try explain it in a scenario Person X buys something from my store, uses the payment gateway "payfast" (module I've instlled) as is at the moment I receive no notifications that order has been placed, but is added under orders in the back office (I get notifications for all default prestashop payment options, so not a problem with E-mail settings) under orders the order status is blank "--" I now have to manually select a order status before preson X receives his first e-mail confirmation of the order. is there a way to set that when person X places their order via the "payfast" module it automatically goes to the status "Payment remotely accepted" and I dont have to manually do it?
  6. I've been trying to figure out how to link them for the last few days I cant seem to find the option to link the module to a status automatically. I've figured out how to add new statuses, and change them manually but cant seem to find out how to get prestashop to automatically set the order to a specific status when the order is created
  7. thank you for the reply, how would I link it to a order status automatically, once its returned the customer to the payment successful page? at the moment once the module has been used to make the payment, on the admin side under status is has nothing just "--"
  8. Hi guys I'm hoping someone can help me, I'm trying to use the Pasyfast payment module, Which I've downloaded from the 3rd party payment gateway website, I'm guessing they developed the module as I cant find it on the prestashop website. the module works perfectly BUT: it doesnt generate order creation e-mails sent to the customers and it doesnt notify the store owner of the newly placed order. what I'd like to know is it possible to add some code to the core files that it generates the order creation e-mail and is linked to the "mail Alerts" module here is a link to the 3rd part website for the module, I've also attached the .php and .xml files for the module https://www.payfast.co.za/developers/prestashop unless I'm trying to over complicate things and can link the above in the admin portion of the website? config.xml payfast.php
  9. thank you so much, It worked perfectly, decided to rather keep the images left rather then centered
  10. Hi guys I'm hoping someone can help me, I'm new to prestashop and am in the process of setting up my online store. please see the attached image related to the question I'm asking. When I load my homepage the featured products seem to be too close to one another and it makes it difficult to differentiate the text between products, I'm guessing I'll have to edit code somewhere, would it be possible to add a space between the products? and would I be able to center the item pictures and remove the "new" link next to it? thank you for any help and time. Regards Bradley
  11. Thank you for the help , I should have made it a little clearer in the opening question
  12. Thank you for the reply. I did the whole delete url('img/icon/cart.gif') no-repeat and all it did was remove the little cart icon it still left the little grey box and link?
  13. I'm hoping someone would be able to help me. I'm wanting to tweek the default theme ever so slightly, I'm wanting to remove the cart Icon at the top right of the page and move the welcome/ log in icon to the top navigation bar. Is it possible to do it through the admin section? if not would I be able to edit some of the code to do so? and what code and how? sorry am a total noob at the html/code side of things. thanks in advance for any help
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