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  1. What bellini13 is saying is technically incorrect. According to semantic versioning, PHP 5.6.x should be backwards compatible (i.e. it should work) with any code written for any previous version of PHP 5.x.x If this wasn't the case then the major version would be incremented (e.g. PHP 7.x.x)
  2. You should just have written a module to perform a cron (every 10 minutes or so) to get all the shipping prices from the webservice and then update the carrier itself.
  3. Same here. In 1.4 when you cancel products from an order they were automatically restocked. Now in 1.5 canceling products has no effect on the stock total.
  4. Please Prestashop, I beg you to fix memcache. Prestashop is a very slow system and really needs memcache to make it run at a reasonable speed. But it hasn't worked for years from 1.3 up until now. Please...
  5. Any response about this? Caching has been broken is Prestashop for years.
  6. This is how it should be by default. Of course the global stylesheet should override the modules CSS. It's very developer-unfriendly to have to hack and override the CONTROLLERS for this.
  7. What about pages like 'sitemap'? The breadcrumb doesn't seem to be parsed through getPath on that page? Seriously the way Prestashop generates breadcrumbs is retarded.
  8. +1 for this, how to get all the data out of getProducts() in the same format as getNewProducts(), so it can be passed into product-list.tpl and displays images correctly?
  9. +1 for this project. I spend most of my time in Prestashop doing styling. Usually, slicing up HTML/CSS is the easiest part of web development, but because of Prestashop's absolutely retarded default theme, it is the most tedious part of Prestashop development. Defining heights on a heading?! WTF?! I just wasted an afternoon fiddling about with the default theme's stupidity and decided to make a boilerplate for myself. But as you have already started, please let me know how I can help! I agree that LESS should not be part of this. This project should be as simple as possible. Just make it work with all of Prestashop's AJAX features and then just get out of the developer's way. Let's not force people to learn any new concepts or do any work before they can start using this. This boilerplate SHOULD be the default theme for Prestashop. So, how can I help?
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