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  1. With all due respect jjrmy1, a template takes a long time to develop and the majority of people who design a template will be doing so for a commercial site. Commercial site's have competitors. I run a heavily customised theme on my site, and I know I have competitors running Prestashop, it would be pretty stupid of me to put my theme out in the public domain for a competitor to get their hands on and ruin my competitive advantage. Also as a theme that has evolved over time the coding is nowhere clean enough to be handing over to someone inexperienced, the other nature of being open source is that I would have to provide at least some support on it which I have nowhere near the time to do. I think you're missing part of the point of open source, and you're taking for granted the amount that community does contribute. The number and the quality of free modules available is far above that of other platforms. I have recently been experimenting with other platforms as I require CRM which seems a way off in Presta, and the community's are nowhere near as active. I would also add that there are definitely more than 2 free themes available, you just haven't looked hard enough. There are plenty of themes within the forum that people have created as an experiment and released as a free unsupported download. I suspect the reason that only two of these free themes have made it into the store is because you get people who want everything for free and then kick off when things don't run smoothly or they don't get instant support. A category of person that I get the impression you fall in to.
  2. If I understand you correctly, it sounds like you just need 2 parent categories - shoes and dress. Then within dress create 2 subcategories - pants and shirt.
  3. Our UK Store selling Wood Burning Stoves and other Green products The Greener Company (thegreenercompany.com)
  4. Sorry for the slow reply, theres something up with your validation.php, when you follow the link it should be going to an authentication log in ie prompting for a username and password, it just shows a page error. I could see from the directory you also have http://www.earthshineelectronics.com/modules/gcheckout/validation copy.php if you follow that link you will see what I mean, it prompts for a username and password, which is entered by google checkout as part of the callback. So I would suggest reverting back to this copy (or indeed downloading a fresh copy of prestashop 1.2.5 and reuploading the whole gcheckout module). This will get rid of the error you are receiving from google, then you can begin to look at any errors within prestashop. PS, I shouldn't be able to get a directory listing just by going to /gcheckout/, you should look into this as it could present some security problems.
  5. Mike, I could be wrong, but I'd suggest the error is with your SSL certificate rather than with prestashop. The problem you're describing means that google checkout isn't making any communication back - the validation.php doesn't actually have to do much to satisfy google to the point that it will accept the script and stop sending you the 'unsuccessful attempts' emails. I've got a stripped out version of the module I use to get google checkout working with shared ssl (its a bodged job at the moment so I'm yet to share it with the community), but I don't think that's going to help you. Check your SSL certificate is properly functioning, I have heard there are certain hosts where Google refuses to accept the SSL certificate, may be worth checking with your host. I think the problem lies with the SSL rather than the module itself, others feel free to correct me though.
  6. This made a huge difference to my site, the first page load is is still fairly slow, but after that linking to product pages etc is instant - a massive improvement on before, thanks for contribution!
  7. I'm getting close, the communication back with the database is working now, and an order shows to the client when they return from google payment. However this isn't showing in orders in the back office, and shows as awaiting bank wire payment if you look at the customers orders. I'm determined to get this done this weekend. If you PM me your email address I'll zip it up once its done and write u a guide to what I've done and where I've uploaded things. I'll then put it up for others once Ive cleaned the code up.
  8. I'm currently trying to implement exactly the same, Im guessing by the url you've given that its fasthosts you're using so you're in the same situation as me. As you've suggested the first thing I tried was uploading just the modules directory and config - all i got was error messages from google saying there was a callback error. So I tried uploading more of the classes to see if they required, no help. I then installed a clean version of prestashop to the shared ssl server, the install ran, but when it finished I could only see blank pages and the callback url was still not recognised by google. I then decided to try and rewrite the verification file so that google will recognise it and it will communicate directly with the prestashop database. I'm at the stage now where google checkout will recognise my callback url, and no errors are thrown whatsoever. But it is still not communicating the information back to the prestashop database. I hope my experience so far will help you with your efforts. I'll keep you informed on my progress and if I get it working will pass on the files!
  9. I tried that removing the commas, and changing the file seperators but had no luck. I've only been having the issue since I've been importing a reduction amount as well, do you think this could be making any difference? I've manually changed the prices for now, but will need to do another import soon so I need to get to the bottom of this. Thanks for your help so far. If its any help the first line of the csv that Im having issues with is as follows...
  10. the index.php file you refer to in your first post is the one from the theme I think, and as your other pages work we know thats ok, I'll rack my brains and see if I can think of anything else.
  11. ok, you need to amend settings.inc.php in the config folder, the first line of that will look like "define('__PS_BASE_URI__', '/public_html/prestashop/');", if you delete the /public_html and reupload it'll go back to how it was
  12. In the preferences tab in the back office, have you set the PS directory to "/prestashop/"? By default I think it expects prestashop to be installed in the root directory.
  13. When importing CSV files into my shop I'm having issues with items £1000 and over. They are defaulting to £1, items £2000 and over are defaulting to £2 etc. Does anyone know if this is an error in the import script or an error in the formatting of the file that I'm uploading. Im importing these prices as "price tax incl", I havent tested if the error occurs as tax excl yet as even if this worked it wouldn't be much help to me. Thanks in advance for any help. Dave
  14. This did not work for me. It seems that the rewrite is working... the product is no longer something like: "product.php?id_product=1" but instead "1-productname" It just doesn't bring it up and gives me a 404. It sounds to me like your server doesn't allow URL rewriting, once you have created the htaccess file from within prestashop you shouldnt see any more 404's as it displays a custom error page. Are you running a Windows server? A lot of hosting companies do not allow URL rewriting on their Windows servers. If this is the case I would suggest speaking to your hosting company or transferring to a Linux account (as I have had to do with a couple of the sites I manage).
  15. Try regenerating the htaccess file. Friendly URL needs to be enabled when you generate the file otherwise you will get the error you are describing. Stumbled across your post while trying to fix the same problem, just regenerating the htaccess worked for me.
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