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  1. Hello, I would like to know if I can somehow change settings of a module so it can be displayed on different hooks than it gives me options by default? I have a module that can be shown in header but it's a module for home page but it doesn't give me the option to hook it there. I hope my question isn't too generic and you understand what the problem is, if not, ask me what you need to know :-) Thank you in advance
  2. Shopping cart v 1.5.1 (default Prestashop module) Store manager 2.12.0 Build 800 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5uerh1dyshlbjty/Screenshot%202014-08-13%2012.06.31.png And yes, I now see the shop on tho Categories & Products window as indicated on your screenshot. The only difference is that mine is striked through font https://www.dropbox.com/s/ouqfrt6gkqi9s5z/Screenshot%202014-08-13%2012.26.08.png
  3. Progress - the shop appeared in the manager but when I want to associate a warehouse to the shop it still gives me the error that I need to associate a shop even though I selected it before clicking OK
  4. The warehouse I already had has finally appeared in the manager (I've created a second warehouse and it somehow purgued the way for warehouses to appear). So that is fine already. The issue still is that I see no shops to associate it with. I am clueless what needs to be changed to purgue this as well
  5. Right now I have a problem to find out what to with "shop association". For example when I want to update stock coverage in advanced stock management I first need to create a warehouse (even though I already have one created a long time ago in web-based back office) but for that I need to associate it with a shop and I can't figure out what is wrong or what to do because I haven't found any option to create a shop in the manager. I am pretty confused right now because along with an existing warehouse in the administration but not in the manager I cannot see existing CMS pages. I expect these functions should be linked not separately existing in two parts of the system, right?
  6. Wooohooo! In the topic you have sent me before a user Death Metal Coding mentioned this: Another solution is to go to themes > your theme > product.tpl and change {addJsDef group_reduction=$group_reduction} to {addJsDef group_reduction=1} http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/320083-000-prices-problem-at-homepage-and-categories-page/?p=1690657 That helped in my case, is there anything you would expect this to have effect on that I should worry about?
  7. oh, well.... a little progress here I found out that the js folder hasn't helped it. It was the "Move JavaScript to the end" option in performance tab. Off = prices work, most of javascripts not On= everything works, prices not Now it is off
  8. I've tried to use the {1-$group_reduction} fix but I can't find the row in the product.tpl http://www.removed_by_elpatron (the English version is just partly translated, still working on it) It is back where it started - menu works, prices not (reuploaded the js folder from backup
  9. yeah, I use native attributes. 1) SQL cache_default_attribute - not helping 2) reuploading the product.js file - it works and prices are showing :-) And......now my menu javascript does not work :-/ even when I reupload the previous product.js file... ummm .... no idea what just happened :-/
  10. I've had a few problems with my store that caused it not functioning for a while. Now that the problem (a fulty module) is gone and the site runs as it should I have a little issue with prices. Everything and everywhere (in the administration) is correct but the price on a product page does not show the right price. When the product has attributes the price displayed on the page is ZERO even though in the cart and order it shows the correct price as it should. Products without attributes work just fine. Version
  11. Is there a way to correct a few translations? It looks kinda funny and misleading sometimes how it is translated to Czech language. PS: Just for the information to everyone else reading this topic - the prices have solved themselves so maybe there was something not updated right away but during a little time it purgued.
  12. I've been looking for a solution but I haven't found anything similar to my problem: Two of my carriers are not visible to assign to the warehouse (I use advanced stock management) so my customers are not able to select these two carriers at all during the order. I've tried to check for mistakes in settings of each of them but I can't find anything that is wrong. EDIT: The only thing is that only these two carriers do not have a logo set but I don't expect that to be problem
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