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  1. I'm also interested in this, i tried cloning the Featured Products module and changed every detail that needed changes, but when i attributed it another category to display, it didn't take products from the id i gave it.
  2. Hey, the solution i found doesn't work properly, does anyone know how to do this for PS ? Thank you It actually works, but it doesn't show the products from the category that i choose, i replace 1 with 7 and it shows no products available, but i have products in category with id 7 :|
  3. Hello, I want to make duplicates for the homefeatured module (i know how to do that) and i don't know how to add more than one IDs to this line: $products = $category->getProducts((int)Context::getContext()->language->id, 1, ($nb ? $nb : 10)); I know that 1 is the id, but how do i add another, so that the duplicated homefeatured module shows products from more than one category? Does it work with 1 && 2 && 3, or it simply works by adding a new number besides that one "1 2 3 4" or 1, 2, 3 Thank you
  4. I have found the solution for this here http://www.addons-modules.com/prestashop-tips/2011/01/prestashop-tips-how-to-duplicate-an-existing-module/ Thank you
  5. Hey there, I want to duplicate the featured categories block 10 times and assign it only to 10 different categories and have it show only 6 featured products. I know how to duplicate, but the problem is that i don't know how to assign each block to a category. If someone could be kind enough to tell me how. Thank you
  6. You don't edit it from there, go to features in the left vertical menu and insert it there
  7. I solved it on my own thank you What i did was this: I took the following code from admin/themes/default/template/controllers/products/features.tpl lines 76 and 77 <a href="{$link->getAdminLink('AdminFeatures')|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}&addfeature_value&id_feature={$available_feature.id_feature}" class="confirm_leave button"><img src="../img/admin/add.gif" alt="values_first" title="{l s='Add pre-defined values first'}" /> {l s='Add pre-defined values first'}</a> And copied them below line 60 which had the following in it: {if sizeof($available_feature.featureValues)} Save the file and upload it to the server and voila, it works like a charm, now you can add pre-defined values directly from the create product page without the button disappearing. Some of you wonder why you would do this, well i did this to ease my work in adding pre-defined values for the Layered Navigation (filter) that comes pre-installed with PS which filters the features only if they have predefined values in them... and i use middle click on the add new value button, add the value and then close the tab and press save and stay on the product page and the product updates the lists of pre-defined values, afterwards letting me pick the value i just created. Hope this works.
  8. Hello guys, I was wondering what i could do to make the (Add value first) button from the features tab when creating a new product. See the attached file to see which ones i'm talking about Thank you.
  9. The module is called Multi Currency, but it isn't for yet. http://prestashopmodul.com/en/11-multi-currency-solution.html this is where you can find it (i want it too) and please contact the developers from their contact page (i did too) so that they update it for (the more requests they get, the quicker they update it).
  10. Well, i did that too thank you for taking initiative and trying to help, it means a lot. Let's hope they will respond soon enough. Have a good day.
  11. Nop, you don't really understand the multi currency thing... let me explain: I have 3 categories of products, one comes in my default currency (RON) and there's no problem here, but the other two categories, one comes in $ and the other comes in €. I configured PS to transform the currencies to RON (the default currency). I need this module so bad, but it's a sad fact that they don't make it for PS
  12. Hello, there is a multi currency module that i need badly (http://prestashopmod...y-solution.html), but the problem is that this module is not available for PS, can someone contact the dev. (I did, but no response) or if you have this module, if you can adapt/update it for, i can pay the full price of the module. thank you Or if someone can create a stable and reliable module like this one for Sorry for multiple posting
  13. Hello, there is a multi currency module that i need badly (http://prestashopmod...y-solution.html), but the problem is that this module is not available for PS, can someone contact the dev. (I did, but no response) or if you have this module, if you can adapt/update it for, i can pay the full price of the module. thank you Or if someone can create a stable and reliable module like this one for
  14. Can you please update it for PS ? I need this module very much, thank you.
  15. AppleEater, did you draw those yourself? just kidding The romanian translation to credit slip is "Rambursare"
  16. Hey guys, i just bought the Corporate Pro 1.5 theme yesterday and there are a few flaws with it which annoy me... I installed the theme through Import/Export Theme module, all went well, everything was in place, but the first product in the featured products had no "add to cart" button and once i added a product to the cart it all worked well until i deleted all the products from the cart... after deletion, the cart block disappears completely (until page refresh). I saw this as a problem and i went to the modules section and restarted the cart module. Now the cart block shows above the left column for no reason (see screenshot). I tried uninstalling and installing, unhooking/hooking, transplanting the hook from the cart block... to no avail. LE: for no reason, the cart block is hooked in the header section. LLE: after the first 3 products, if i add new products, the "add to cart" button doesn't appear on them. Thank you
  17. I can't really find the module (for that does exactly what i want and i don't think i have the php and mysql knowledge to make the module myself... how much would it cost me to ask someone to make it for me?
  18. I have a small problem, i have a prestashop site which will have hundreds of products and if my supplier's prices change i will have to take every single one of them and change the price according to my supplier. I saw that it is possible to import products via .csv files, but the problem is that i saw that i can import multiple products with the same code. What i need from this .csv import is to actually update only the filled in sections, not replace the entire product or add a similar one with different stats. Example: I have this product: 1;2;120;4;5;6;product description; and i want to modify only the price, which is the third field so i would import something like this 1;;110;;;;; and this will select the product id (which is 1) and update only the price area from 120 to 110. I don't know if i made myself clear, but i hope there is something to solve this problem.
  19. Go to themes/default/css/global.css and look for this line: body { font: normal 11px/14px Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; color: #222; background: #fff; The background line can be changed with whatever color you want... #fff is white, but if you don't know how to use color codes, just use the name of the color eg. red, blue, black etc. you get my point. If you want to add an image to the background, all you have to do is add next to the color url('url to the image') then add to that repeat-x or and repeat-y if you want it to repeat horizontally or vertically or both and after you set the repeat values set the position of the image. example: background: #fff url('image/image.png') repeat-x top left; To change the background of the menu to a image go to modules/blocktopmenu/css/superfish-modified.css and you'll be good from there with what I told you up.
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