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  1. Ok thanks! We're now using http://api.fixer.io/latest (free)
  2. Hi, A month ago (aprox) rates stopped updating at http://api.prestashop.com/xml/currencies.xml Any problem?
  3. marcis

    Sync error

    When I send some products to eBay I get this error message: "; nested exception is: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: An invalid XML character (Unicode: 0x1f) was found in the CDATA section." Any idea? Regards
  4. Does this module save info about sent messages? I mean, being able to see which products were recommended and who to.
  5. Did you try this? http://www.digitaldisseny.com/es/blog/207-prestashop-product-attachments-corrupted
  6. Does it apply to the product or its combinations? (I mean, the available number of units) Thanks!
  7. Maybe I'm wrong or I missed something but... shouldn't there be a different attached file for every language? For example, if I want to attach the "tech. specs" of a product... I'd like to upload one pdf for each language... right?
  8. And does it work in front office? I did sort attributes at BO but they're being shown in a different order at the shop...
  9. Same problem, logout issues @ back office with PS1.5.6. I suspect it's something to do with being logged also at front office & cookies.
  10. Hi tomerg3, Maybe I'm wrong but your module requires the administrator to manually create all the combinations one by one... right? Regards
  11. It's not the best solution but a simple & quick one. As far as I know, Prestashop (by default) only offers you the option to receive the whole order as a gift, not invidual products.
  12. Did you finish the module? Could you share it, please? Regards
  13. ¿Alguna novedad sobre este módulo? ¿Está funcionando ya?
  14. Sigue sin funcionarme bien. Mi problema es que he personalizado las URLs amigables de los productos y el módulo las genera con el sistema "tradicional" sin tener en cuenta la configuración de Prestashop. Me temo que tendré que modificarlo a mano. Y los de soporte sigue sin dar señales de vida...
  15. A mi tampoco me funciona, ni las URLs de los productos ni las imágenes!! He mandado un correo a soporte y no he tenido respuesta. Vaya timo! tamahome, cómo lo solucionaste por favor?
  16. Hi Jon, I can also offer my services to do SEO improvements. I worked on http://www.shop-agt.com/ & http://www.agt-gems.com/ Regards
  17. Según los "chicos" de Prestabox, los archivos sitemap.xml y robots.txt no son importantes para el SEO... qué te parece?
  18. Check "Google Page Speed" analysis: http://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tamel.fr%2F It doesn't finish loading!!
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