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  1. Thanks Rocky for helping me until now, i want if conditional like this (using reference) if ($reference == '1') { $smarty->ps_currency->id = 1 } else { $smarty->ps_currency->id = 2 } Is it possible?
  2. Can i use conditional if for using two currency please?
  3. How about using two currency, is it possible?
  4. This is my convert price function static function convertPrice($reference, $currency, $params, &$smarty) { $currency = $smarty->ps_currency; if ($reference == '1') $currency->conversion_rate = 1; return Tools::displayPrice($params['price'], $currency); } It doesn't work, all my price going to zero.
  5. Anyone please, how to disable the currency conversion for products with reference “1”? Or is it another way to disable currency conversion for particular product?
  6. Yes, that is what i mean Rocky, i want to disable the currency conversion for products with reference “1”
  7. I need static conversion rate for specific product, is it possible, help please? That's why i want to use reference but rocky said can't use it in classes.php
  8. How to give a special conversion price to the product that have reference 1?
  9. I want to edit classes/tools.php, so i want to give a special price for product that have reference 1 in classes/tools.php. How to give it a conditional code in classes/tools.php?
  10. I want to give a condition if the reference of the product i fill is 1, how to make it in php. It's just a simple problem, can someone help me pls.
  11. @razaro THANK YOU very much for your guide to export only active products, i hope this module will be still development.
  12. I found this post adding fields to NEW ACCOUNT http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/13859/help_configuration___use/solved_adding_new_fields_to_new_account I want to make a static price in some products that doesn't effect currency exchange rate in prestashop, is it possible?
  13. dimana bro threadnya, lagi nyari2 juga nie
  14. Soalnya kadang ada harga yang gak terpengaruh sama kurs dolar, jadinya butuh 2 mata uang, yang dimana satunya bisa berubah kalo kursnya diganti, satunya gak ikut berubah kalo diganti.
  15. maaf, maksud saya, bagaimana cara memasang currency tertentu di produk tertentu. Jadi keseluruhan prestashop pakai currency dollar, tapi ada beberapa produk yang ditampilkan dalam currency rupiah di toko dan tidak terpengaruh perubahan kurs di back office.
  16. Bagaimana cara memakai 2 currency dalam 1 prestashop. Soalnya ada beberapa produk yang ingin menggunakan currency dollar?
  17. Hi Ciscowrig, thanks for your reply, but my breadcrum still now working, sometimes it just display Home >> The item, not Home >> Category >> Subcategory >> The ITem
  18. Hi, can someone explain me more how to fix this, in step by step, i still don't understand what rocky said. My breadcrumb show like this home > breadrumb item.
  19. I edited that line, but nothing change in my shop, Can someone help me?
  20. When we open product pages, the title order of the page will be Website Name - Name of Product How to change the title order into Name of Product - Website name I try to edit header.tpl, but still can't change it, can someone help me?
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