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  1. Bonjour, Je vois qu'il y a une nouvelle version, qu'est-ce qui est nouveau? J'ai testé le module un peu plus et j'ai découvert que le site en langue anglaise envoie correctement les offres, mais si je change en langue néérlandaise, il y a un message indiquant que l'offre ne peut pas etre envoyée. Mais je viens juste de lire maintenant que la langue Dutch n'est pas encore supportée, Je crois que j'ai donc trouvé ma réponse Que peut-on faire pour que ca fonctionne aussi pour le néérlandais? Je souhaite vraiment l'utiliser dans cette langue Cordialement, Un hollandais
  2. Bonjour, Le module a une bonne présentation et je souhaite vivement l'utiliser. J'ai réussi a l'installer sur PS mais j'obtiens toujours le meme message d'erreur en le testant (voir photo). Auriez-vous une idée sur ce qui ne va pas?
  3. Hi Scully, Thank you for sharing, hopefully someone creates a solution then as I have no idea how to get it working again Although I'm listing manually now, it does take too much time
  4. Hello community, my shop was working fine on PS 1.5 and 1.6.x, I recently updated to and found out now that I'm not able to use the CSV products import as normal anymore I have changed and updated the CSV file over 10 times now, little tweaks like: double check on having no characters, Ignore this collum and then ignore other collum, not more the 3 Capitals letter in a row, gave them own IDs where normally they create themselve, you name it, but no change.... I changed back php7 to php5, hoping this was the problem, but no... Tried to put on Debug mode, don't see anything strange happening... just the same warning (could be because I don't know good how to read it...) I'm out of ideas, do you have any ? I work on MacBook Air with Numbers and export to CSV in Unicode (UTF-8), always worked perfect Thank you for reading, hope anyone has a solution for this issue
  5. Hi, Thank you for reading, I have a question about the Ebay module. In Ebay each item is marked separately, in the collum own label, prestashop-XXX (XXX=product Id) see picture Is there a way to change the word prestashop in something else I want it to be ? before I submit my items to ebay? I know it's possible afterwards in Ebay, but I need it to be done before regards,
  6. Hi, Make sure you empty him in time, I just had a issue with Cachefs, but it's solved now You can read my topic here https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/462843-1609-prestashopdatabaseexception-cant-drop-id-attribute-while-upgrading-modules/ Good Luck
  7. Problem Solved! Shopping Carts menu shows again normal, disk space was full The Cachefs folder was suddenly 4,6GB so it was blocking me... PS Found a post about how the folder Cachefs=connected with performance/caching -> File System When turned off and after ON again, this will empty the contents of the Cachefs folder instantly because he creates a new folder. After that the backend shopping carts menu was fine again. Thx
  8. Hi, Does anybody knows what my error message means? and what I need to do? what happend: In the back end, the tab: customers -> shopping carts didn't load properly, stopped loading and didn't show. I decided to upgrade some modules in my PS to see if it might come back. When all modules were finished updating, I wasn't allowed to go back to the module list and now shows a white page. I opened defines.inc.php to see the error and this is what is says, please see attached image. Will an upgrade to 1.6.1 fix everything or will this problem still be there? Is it easy to repair? Any advice is welcome, thank you for reading, Carsten
  9. Bonjour, I have the same problem here. Working on PrestaShop™ with the latest update of the Ebay Module. Problem has just occured... Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Cordialement, Carsten
  10. He does work now with the wrong categories! They should be in France language but the are not. Maybe the share the same Categorie path, i don't know? I continue, thank you for reading.
  11. Hello, I'm using PS with eBay Module 1.6.7. My webshop is connected to ebay.nl and everything worked great for me, but eBay.nl doesn't allow sellers to use the best offer option.... Because of this I need to change the country connection and after resetting, disable, un-install the module I succeeded to connect to FR and DE but he doesn't show me the correct categories from the new country but only my old categorie savings (in Dutch), which makes it impossible to list. Somehow he needs to update or reload the new ebay platform categories and delete/overwrite the old ones, but how? Any help would be much appreciated, Motuman
  12. HI everyone, I have the same problem here I'm using PrestaShop™, pretty basic. Yesterday I did a voucher try-out and also encountered the same problem as a customer on Chrome. I can't fill in the voucher code on my PS webshop because the box doesn't appear. I tested Safari and there was no problem, it worked flawless. I really don't know what to do, help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  13. HI, Thanks for this great theme! unfortunately, I'm encountering problems with my pictures, they don't show up. Any help would be appreciated? Problem was visible in PS, i'd hope it would disappear in update to PS (current) but no change. I've already regenerated my pictures I did try to import csv and manual, no pictures. Also the categorie pictures don't show. Hope someone has any solutions. Thx Motuman
  14. Beste mede-PS enthousiastelingen, ik gebruik PS versie en kom er achter dat op mijn mobiele versie de subcategorieën niet getoond worden. Waar eigenlijk subcategorieën horen te staan, staat er "Er zijn geen producten". Heeft iemand enig idee ? Ik heb een afbeelding toegevoegd. url: www.pastjoys.nl Verder kan ik in de back office ook helemaal niets vinden over de instellingen van de mobiele versie.. alvast bedankt, Carsten
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