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  1. Hallo, Ik gebruik prestashop 1.5. De url is www.sublimix.be/prestashop, maar de winkel staat in maintenance mode omdat ik niet wil dat potentiële klanten de website al zouden vinden. Graag had ik willen vragen wat de smarty variabele is om de taal van de gebruiker te weten. Ik had id_lang gevonden, maar dat is de ISO code. Ik heb het nummer 7 ofzo nodig. En ook zou ik de eerste category nummer moeten hebben van de producten die in de database zitten. bv 3 . Ik heb dit nodig om mijn links te kunnen opbouwen, omdat ik mijn homepage aan het aanpassen ben. Maar zoals wel duidelijk is, ben ik maar net begonnen. Alvast bedankt
  2. Can anyone give CORRECT information about how to override the FrontController.php file. I found info saying it has to be in override/classes others say override/classes/controllers . I want to be able to make a custom homepage but this really is getting to me. Can someone give the information to make a simple hello world, to show the override is being called and i will be forever in your debt. Edit: never mind, found it.
  3. Hello, I modified my blockcart to be able to show a message like "buy for x more euro and shipping is free" . I have the amount in place, but i only shows up after one manual refresh. After that ajax takes over. Why do i have to refresh one time? the attachment is actually a 7z with txt extention, otherwise i couldn't upload it. This probably is a simple thing i must change, but i lack knowledge of ajax. Thanks in advance for your help. blockcart.txt
  4. ok, so i have to contact my hosting company to change this. I will do this. Thank you very much for your time, you have relieved me from my headache. At least now i know why it isn't working.
  5. I just tried it, even on another computer. But it doesn't work. Maybe i'm doing something wrong. When i made the new shop, i checked to copy all the data from the original shop. Then for testing if it worked, i changed the products. I disabled those that are not free of gluten, and thus they would be shown in the shop. But they still are all there.
  6. In my dsn settings i have the option "web alias" "web forward" "A" and "CNAME" . My website is hosted on a shared server.With this information is it neccessary to contact the hosting company. Or is there something i can do first? Thank you for your help by the way
  7. I don't know plesk. My website is hosted at one.com. This is the link with the manual about dns http://www.one.com/nl/support/guide/advanced/dns .
  8. Ok this is my problem. I have two domainnames "sublimix.be" and "sublimix-glutenvrij.be". at my domain "sublimix-glutenvrij.be" i configured an alias, so this is linked to sublimix.be, where my prestashop installation is. the url configuration of the shops is this Sublimix E-shop www.sublimix.be/prestashop Sublimix Glutenvrij www.sublimix-glutenvrij.be/prestashop so they both point to the same directory on "sublimix.be" . And my thought, which is probably wrong, is that prestashop would see by the url what shop to show. But i have read the manuals and searched the web. But i only gained a headache and no answer. So can someone please explained to me what makes prestashop know what shop to show. Because i hope i'm right when i say i don't have to install prestashop twice in a different folder. Thank you in advance for the time you are willing to bestow on my question.
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