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  1. Earlier today I was wondering about this module update and now I see your test resault, great. Thank you for your effort to test it. Btw how come 1.10.5 version isn't fully compatible to 1.5 version but 1.10.7 is?
  2. Thanks, this helped me to fix this problem on version (after upgrading from 1.5.2).
  3. Hello! So when customer register account through Front Office by him self, after completing registration he gets "Welcome" email where he can see his e-mail and password. I'm interested to have this option when shop administrator creates customer account in Back Office, so when administrator creates account in Back Office, customer recives email with his account details and then he knows that he is a registred customer. Best regards, Artizzz
  4. how to apply Rocky's great solution to prestashop version 1.5.2?
  5. I find out that it's trying to save translations on folder themes/default/pdf/lang (instead of orginal location translations/(lanugage iso code/pdf.php), and if I create file named in format (language iso code).php it saves translation on that file. But when it saves it didn't use it from that file.
  6. Hello! I have problems translating PDF in prestashop version 1.5.2. I'm trying this on my web server and on local server with fresh install. When I try to save PDF translation it shows completely blank page. And it didn't show any error messages. So any suggestions for solution? P.S other section translations work fine.
  7. Awesome! Just tested it, and it really works. Thanks...
  8. ooops.. my bad, everything is working fine (in the test version I forgot to add manufacturer to product)
  9. Is it's only me or what, but I can't make this module work on new 1.5.1 version. For me it's working for but when I tested it on 1.5.1 it didn't worked.
  10. it would be nice to have someone to make this for 1.5 version.
  11. It would be nice to have this great module on 1.5 version.
  12. Hello! I have question about 1.5 versions pdf invoice. Why there are no carriers displayed in invoice? In history there are carrier displayed but in invoice no, I'm just wondering is it's on purpose or they just forgot to include it on new invoice? And I would like to know how can I include it on my invoice. best regards
  13. Hello! I'm noticed that there are big difference between 1.4 versions and 1.5 versions invoice, in good way it's changed even specific characters are displayed without modifications. But there are one issue with this new invoice, it didn't contain order carrier. So may question would be - how to display customers choosed carrier for his order in invoice? Thanks in advance
  14. wow!!! new 1.5 version looks awesome... Thank you Prestashop Team!
  15. Hi! Does anybody knows when version will be available. I saw in SVN version that there are added changelog file for version. I'm asking this because in the next few days I'm planning to upgrade my store from version so if new version will be released in few days I will wait for it.
  16. You just need to replace - value="<? echo $value;?>" with value="<?php echo $value;?>" in AdminMassUpdate.php
  17. I have the same issue and my hosting company have Litespeed too. There are some solutions?
  18. In firebug I get error: <br /> <b>Warning</b>: mail() [<a href='function.mail'>function.mail</a>]: SMTP server response: 530 SMTP authentication is required. in <b>.....\tools\swift\Swift\Plugin\MailSend.php</b> on line <b>161</b><br /> {"hasError":true,"errors":["Cannot send email"],"isSaved":true,"id_customer":32,"id_address_delivery":"37","id_address_invoice":"37","token":"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"} It seems I don't have email sending option because I'am testing on localhost, am I right? If yes, then why I don't get same error on regular registration form?
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