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  1. Hi, Do you know how can I fix this problem? (When I click on a category, the page numbers do not show up.) http://www.moodico.ca but when I change the number of products on the page, it then show up. Prestashop 1.5.4
  2. Another thing to mention is that, it was working before!
  3. It is almost a the default theme, I have just modified some part of the css file. Could you please let me know what is exactly missing?
  4. Hi, I am using prestashop and I have 17 products in this page: http://www.moodico.ca/en/55-food-machinery but when I check this page (which is showing 10 products per page) there is no link to page 2! But when I select show 20 products per page, and again choose show 10 products per page, then the link for page 1 and 2 appears. Do you know what should I do to fix this? Thanks, Mojtaba
  5. Hi, I am using prestashop and I changed my shop domain from moodico.ca to www.moodico.ca. After regenerating the images, the Front end of the site seems ok, but in the backend some images are just question marks. I have repeated regenerating images and re-enabled Friendly URL. But still I have ? mark. Do you know what should I do? Thanks, Mojtaba
  6. Dear Danoosh, Thank you for your response. As I have mentioned everything is working fine and I just want to flip the menu to the other side. Please let me know what css files should be manipulated? Thanks, Mojtaba
  7. It is 99% ready, please help me to fix this issue. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Thank you for your fast response. My main visitors have low speed internet connection (256Kb or 512Kb) I was thinking how can I make it faster for them.
  9. Hi, I am using prestashop and my website is very slow. Do you know what should I do to boost it up? In terms of code enhancement (I know better host providers give me more speed, but I have other websites in joomla on the same host and they are not so slow) www.moodico.com/products
  10. Dear Danoosh, As I have mentioned in another thread it is almost done and this is the only remained thing. I really appreciate it, if you could help me to fix it.
  11. Thank you for your response. But the problem is that my site is almost finished. Do you know how can I fix it? www.moodico.com/products I want to have the English menu on left and keep it on right for Persian language. Any hint or help is highly appreciated.
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