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  1. Hi guys, I'm finding it difficult to source clear documentation on creating a child theme in PrestaShop. If I follow the official documentation, specifically the following...: "Creating a brand new theme The best way to create a new theme for PrestaShop is to copy the files from the default theme, and start modifying its TPL and CSS files to make them your own. The reason is that a PrestaShop theme requires many files to be present: by starting from an existing theme instead of from scratch, you make sure that your own theme will not be missing any part. You can do this directly on the web server, but PrestaShop makes it easy to copy the files from an installed theme and register your new theme in its system (a step you would have to do in any case). All of this is done by clicking on the "Create new theme" button from the "Add new theme" button at the top of screen. It displays a creation form. Fill-in its fields: Name of the theme. Make sure the name is not already used by another theme (check on the Addons website). Preview image for the theme. You should always add a preview image, as it is a clear reminder of what the theme looks like. If you do not have one yet, leave that for later, when the time will come to release the theme. Default left column and Default right column. Indicate if your theme has a column (or even two columns), and if so, on which side of the screen. This is purely informational, and can be changed at any time. Number of products per page. Indicate the default number of products that should be shown on a page. This option can be adjusted later on. Name of the theme's directory. Try to keep it close to your theme's name. If you have not already created a theme folder, PrestaShop will create one for you. Copy missing files from existing theme. This is the cleanest method to start a new theme from another theme's files. Choose "default-bootstrap", or any other theme that you would like to base your foundation on. Responsive. Indicate if your theme has a responsive design or not (if you do not know what a responsive design is, then you probably should choose "No"). This is purely informational, and can be changed at any time. Click save, and PrestaShop will register this information for you: the theme is ready to be enabled, and its preview image appears in the theme selector. It is now up to you to change your theme's files in order to make it unique! On your local installation (not a production one!), select your new theme, and start working! Once you are done with your designing and code it, go back to this setting page and change it accordingly: definitive preview image, default column, number of products, and responsiveness." ...will it work? I don't want to do this then down the line update the theme and lose all my work. Any and all help is appreciated as always. Best wishes, Adam
  2. Hi guys, I have been very busy hence the delay. I have just these past few minutes hired someone to do this job, but I will keep this page open until the job is done - mods, the reason for this is due to being previously let down and I want to keep this job page open until it is sorted so that I don't have to create another one. Best, Adam
  3. Hi everyone (including those who have pm'd me), I lost two Grandparents in the space of 48 hours prior this job offer. I have since been incredibly busy with a lot of things pertaining to my situation. This is why I have taken so long to reply. I am now getting back to you all. Thanks, Adam
  4. Hi guys, Pretty simple job for one of you: Transfer of entire website, and everything that comes with it, to new host. I have not had time to learn how to do it, so your help would be much appreciated. Unfortunately, I have been ripped off a couple of times by "professional programmers" who reached out to me, so I now take a very cautious stance as you may understand. Time-scale: ASAP. Price: Please let me know. Thanks, Adam
  5. I have been looking for this mod! Can anyone help me install this on my English website that operates in GBP Sterling? Website: http://www.bondposters.co.uk Prestashop release - Thanks! Adam
  6. $79.00 is a good price for this module. I paid $100.00 for a very similar module that had been created for someone else before this one.
  7. $79.00 is a good price for this module. I paid $100.00 for a very similar module that had been created for someone else before this one.
  8. Sorry for the delay - I have been busy. Thank you for the replies - not sure why some replies have been deleted though. I will look into them today and go from there.
  9. Hi guys, The Job: Transfer of entire website from one domain to another. The job includes the transfer and any work required on any aspect of the site after transfer; this includes ensuring everything works the way it should. Prestashop release - I don't want to upgrade to 1.6 as this will cause many problems to the website and some of the installed modules. Please respond here or email me direct. I am not in a hurry for this, however, the sooner the better I suppose. Current website - http://bondposters.co.uk Thank you, Adam
  10. OK, how much will someone sort this out for me?
  11. Sorry to bump this - not sure if this is allowed mods, so please accept my apologies if this is the case. I really need this sorted - any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi guys, I have a huge problem with the module. The links do not work. Not entirely sure why, but I do need to know how to solve this problem as a few of my customers have commented on it and I have actually lost customers because of it. I would have looked for help sooner but life in general has got in the way. Screenshot of footer: The links that do not work are: The links under the INFORMATION heading on the right. The links in white in the dark grey box - "HOME | ABOUT US | POSTER TERMINOLOGY etc". The film titles at the bottom are NOT links. Please view the website here: http://bondposters.co.uk Thank you for any help - I always appreciate it. Best, Adam
  13. Benjamin, you asked me to provide you details but I have not back from you. I need help with this as my store is pretty useless. I'm beginning to lose all hope with PrestaShop and readying myself to throw the towel in. And I know this will be an easy fix.
  14. I'm using - anyway, my website is knackered. Since a web programmer worked on it well over a month ago now I can't add new modules, but I can delete modules. Images are appearing and disappearing. This is such a pain. And PrestaShop STILL haven't got back to me to help.
  15. Did you look at the second two images? I can't disable the eBay module - the system will not allow me to change a single thing apart from to delete something altogether. EDIT: I've just deleted the eBay module as I do not need it at the moment.
  16. Hi guys, I NEED YOUR HELP! Here is a list of things I need doing: Friendly URLs - I had this sorted, but there are still some problems with pages such as "Shipping" etc. Stripe - New version apparently is now UK compliant, so I need this downloaded and installed, replacing the work around another great member did for me (I am tired of working on this myself). I cannot update ANY pages since some recent work was carried out. I need someone to look into this for me. EG, when I add some information to a CMS page, it does not update and when I add a slide to the minic slider, it does not update. I need these problems sorted ASAP. I'm happy for people to contact me privately. When contacting me, please link into this topic and tell me your price. Please don't quote silly prices as I know this is relatively easy work for you programmers Any questions, please contact me. Website - www.bondposters.co.uk
  17. I am not bumping this thread - I just can't edit my original post. I really need this problem sorted. I have been receiving help from someone and the problems started after they completed some work for me. They now won't continue with it which I find bizarre. I am very, very stressed as I have had nothing but hassle with PrestaShop since changing over to it. Nothing ever seems to go right. Please help me. Once again, I am not bumping this thread - I just can't edit my original post.
  18. Hi guys, When I try to update any CMS page, the system says "Update Successful", yet the information I have put onto the page is nowhere to be seen! The system deletes the new information. The old information remains. Any help, please? Thank you.
  19. I can not add a new slide. It comes up "An error occurred while saving data". I need this to work as I have a very important slide to add, so I'm perplexed as to why it will not work now.
  20. Hi guys, Fantastic module. Really impressed - not sure why I didn't use this earlier! Anyway, I have a couple of problems. Size: How do I decrease the width of Position 2? I decreased Position 1 to 980px as you will see on the website in question, but I do not know how to change the width of Position 1. Social Networks: How do I add further images and their links on Position 1? I know how to add a simple text link, but not how to add the image plus the associated link. Thanks! Website - http://bondposters.co.uk
  21. Tried contacting Stripe and PrestaShop again about this issue. My customers cannot buy a thing.
  22. OK, I need this sorted, particularly the following: Address/Shipping Form - Says invalid token etc when it shouldn't be. I have had ANOTHER customer attempt to purchase something but cannot because of the above problem.
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