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  1. XML file with md5 checksum for PrestaShop version has a bad content: http://api.prestashop.com/xml/md5/ List of changed files (in menu Advanced Parameters / Configuration Information) not working correctly.
  2. For problem detection you set debug mode: http://www.psfever.com/blog/2014/how-to-enable-debug-mode-prestashop-1-6/ If you can disable Advanced categories and module not work: - reinstall module - or run MySQL query (for advanced user only): UPDATE `ps_pc_xmlpro_feed` SET `use_categories` = '0';
  3. It is possible exclude only a whole category. If you want to exclude specific products, set as default category for this product an excluded category.. e.g. for demo data in Prestashop 1.6.1.x (in feed export exclude all products in category "Women | Tops | Blouses"): <category id="7"> <source>Women | Tops | Blouses</source> <destination>#7</destination> <export>0</export> </category>
  4. This bug will be corrected in the new version, which will be available until 9 May 2016.
  5. You can add integer VAT as konstantu only if all product have the same VAT like this: <VAT>20</VAT> In next version of the module will be able to choose the number of decimal places (even zero places that corresponds to an integer value). The new version will be released to date May 9, 2016.
  6. I do not understand your categories setting, but if you want to export category "Home" (for all products), you must set: <CATEGORYTEXT>Home</CATEGORYTEXT> or set in BO category "Home" for some product as default and leave default settings for XML template: <CATEGORYTEXT>{categories}</CATEGORYTEXT>
  7. Thread for PrestaCenter XML Export Pro and PrestaCenter XML Export Multi is here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/315357-prestacenter-xml-export-feeds-for-price-comparison-services/ You can add tag for password and shipping cost only as a constant values. Sample: <password>MyPassword</password> <shipping>5.25</shipping>
  8. A new version of the module will be available November 20. I'll send you the zip file.
  9. Set destination categories for price comparison service {assigned_category} - Product categories used by the price comparison service. For correct use of this variable, you need to set Advanced categories setting to Yes and assign categories pairs in this XML template. For each category corresponds category ID in <category>. The element <source> is the full name of your store category. To set element <destination>, type the name or ID of the category by destination service. In the element <export> you can set if products in the current category will be exported (value 0 for No or value 1 for Yes). Example: <xml> <category id="1"> <source>Category of the my shop</source> <destination>Category of the destination service</destination> <export>0</export> </category> <category id="23"> <source>Category of the my shop</source> <destination>Category of the destination service</destination> <export>1</export> </category> </xml> See demo: BO URL: http://demo.web01.cz/admin9999/ Email: [email protected] Heslo: qwerty98765 In feed google-en-eur.xml is exported only category "Women | Tops | T-shirts".
  10. It is possible select specific categories (only for the default product category).
  11. These URLs are not correct. Correct URL is: http://techstore.dk/xml/general-da-dkk.xml (use direct link from the module).
  12. New version PrestaCenter XML Export version 2.1 (Pro and Multi) Available demo for module PrestaCenter XML Export Pro 2.1 (PrestaShop 1.6.1): http://demo.web01.cz/admin9999/ English demo Email address: [email protected] Password: qwerty98765 Menu: Catalog > PrestaCenter XML Export Pro Czech demo Email address: [email protected] Password: qwerty98765 Menu: Katalog > PrestaCenter XML Export Pro Link to purchase http://www.prestacs.cz/en/modules/21-module-prestacenter-xml-export-pro.html
  13. This possibility does not exist in the free version. Free version does not work with attributes (attributes are supported only in the Pro and Multi version).
  14. Exported feed is OK, but it is not Atom or RSS feed format. You can not use this validator W3C Feed Validation Service, for Atom and RSS. Alternative validator: http://www.validome.org/xml/validate/?lang=en&url=http://www.glamourious.com/xml/xml.xml&onlyWellFormed=1 - check Well-Formedness only
  15. Module PrestaCenter XML Export Multi is compatible with PrestaShop versions 1.5.2.x - 1.6.1.x The new version of the module PrestaCenter XML Export Multi is available too. Customers who have purchased the Multi version (in our e-shop http://www.prestacs.cz/en/ ) - new module version can be downloaded from your original order. http://www.prestacs.cz/en/modules/24-module-prestacenter-xml-export-multi.html
  16. In the current module version is an XML template for Google Merchant designed to operate for export simple products and also product variants.
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