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  1. Bump on this! I can't seem to download the attachment. All I see is this: Any help would be amazing.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion guys. Yes, it was the problem with product indexing. After I rebuilt the index, all of the items started showing in the search. Looks line because of the reqrite urls, the new products were not added to the index. Thanks a lot for your help guys. Appreciate it.
  3. im also waiting for a solution. I want to charge a flat $6 per item... For Eg: if a customer adds 4 products to the cart then he is charged $24 for shipping but i can't figure out how to do it. Does anyone have a solution to this?
  4. No Worries, I fixed it. It seems that prestashop struggles with PNG logo. I changed my site logo from a PNG file to a JPEG file and it worked!
  5. Hi, I have this weird problem, I get: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 91800 bytes) in /home/upsale/public_html/tools/tcpdf/tcpdf.php on line 8084 everytime i try to generate pdf invoices. I checked the file, on that particular line it has to do something with GD library. I checked with my host and GD library is installed and configured properly in the server. Also, the allowed memory size is higher than what it is trying to allocate. I can't figure out what's wrong. Can anyone please help me fixing this problem. Regards,
  6. Hi, I imported products in my shop using the CSV file given by my supplier. All of the product imported but with warnings of rewrite urls. Now, the problem that I am facing is, the search function does not show any of the products that i ahve imported into the system. Now here is the weird bit, If i click "Edit" on any product, and then just click "Save" without changing anything, then that product comes up in the search. Is there any way to fix this because there are hundreds of products in my system and it will be a big hassle to edit and save all the products one by one. Waiting for your response, Thanks,
  7. Hi, Is there a functionality in prestashop or is there a module which will allow me to run a site with the following scenario? 1. There needs to be 2 categories of users (VIP & General users) 2. VIP Can order products and not pay at checkout (They will be billed at the end of the month) 3. The General user can buy any product he likes and pay for it at checkout 4. The VIP users see a different price than normal users Waiting for your response
  8. Hi everyone, I have used prestashop ver for a site which was hacked recently, I logged into my hosting cpanel and found out that all my files have been moved from public_html into a new folder called public_html.old and there was another index in the root which said that the site was Own3d by Hawk. How do i secure my site and find out the flaw in the system so it could be patched. Waiting for your response. P.S: i can give the developers the login to my hosting cpanel to see it for themselves. I haven't changed any files there. waiting for urgent help. -Vinay
  9. Dear Prestashop modders and developers, I am working on a ecommerce portal and i am thinking of using prestashop, the portal should provide the following core needs among many, Are these possible with prestashop?? *Individual authors portal , where they login and post books, blogs, etc. which will be available through individual authors page listed in the fronend. * Authors should be able to customize their pages through the back office.(banners, headers etc) *Book sales occurs similar to amazon. *Percentage of the sales go to the site, rest to the author, so the site needs to be able to manage weekly cashflow - payments to authors accounts -paypal, cc, etc happens weekly. * Once the author adds a product, it will be available only after admin verifies the product and accepts it. * Can we modify the backoffice in prestashop according to our needs? * There is a very good stats system in prestashop, but is printing the reports possible in prestashop? Waiting for your response, Vinay
  10. I have may categories, and i have set the minimum purchase amount to $150, When a user adds a product his cart, it simply flies and goes to the shopping cart without refreshing the page, but in statues category when a user clicks add to cart button, the page refreshes and goes to orders.php and i get an error saying “There is 1 error : 1. A minimum purchase total of $150.00 is required in order to validate your order “ Why does this happen only in one category?
  11. Thank yo Tomer for the solution, The problem was caused by turning on the "“v1.1 theme compatibility" from the preferences tab. Turned it off in my other site too and everything works fine.
  12. Try Using the inbuilt phpmail() function. it works fine for me.
  13. Hi tomerg3, This is the URL of the site, no matter what product you select always the default combination goes into the cart. If you can help I can PM you the admin password of the back office. Waiting for your response.
  14. Is there a way to transfer a fully customized site from local testing server to the internet server with the installer??
  15. No matter how many combinations i make manually or using the product combination generator, and no matter what combination a user chooses for a product only default combination goes into the cart. For example if i choose "Color: Blue, Size: Large", the default combination which is "Color:Red, Size:Small" goes into the cart. How to solve this issue?
  16. I tried deleting a user from the backend, and again tried registering the user, it says the email adress is already in use, once i delete a user all the information should go isnt it? so that user can register with that email address again. How to achieve this? waiting for your help. Thank you.
  17. Rocky, Thanks for the link, I tried it on a new test site and it works fine, Now i need to hide all products until a user logs on, Should i use your method that you have specified in the beginning of this post or should i use another method?
  18. I have a shop which sells T- Shirts, The main attributes are color & Size, I used the 'Product Combination Generator' while adding a product, but there seems to be a problem when a user orders, no matter what a user chooses from the dropdown list in product page, always the default combination gets added to the cart, For example If the default combination is Color:Black, Size: Large, then even if the user chooses Color:Blue, Size: Medium, and click on Add to Cart, The default combination "Color:Black, Size: Large" gets added to the cart. How to solve this issue? Need Urgent Help.
  19. I tried that module, but I could not find a way to make the user a member of wholesaler group when i activate the user. Rocky, I am following your way to activate the user, is there a way that an email gets sent to the user when we change his group from default to wholesaler group? I can make a template for the email in the mails folder but i don't know where to keep the email script in the code? waiting for your help.
  20. Hello, I have 2 groups in my shop, One is Default and another is wholesale group, I want to use this mod so that after validation they become member of the wholesale group, is this possible? and how to send email to customers after their account is validated?
  21. Hi Olea, Can you give me the download link of that module, I tried searching but could not find.
  22. Rocky, I am using your way to validate a user after he signss up, is there a way to send email to the user when we change his group from default customres to Wholesale customers saying "Your account is now active, Please Log in". Waiting for your response,
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