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  1. Now I know what's the problem. My www.domain.com/subdomain wherein my prestashop installed doesn't have SSL Certificate, only my www.domain.com has SSL Certificate. Hmm any Idea where can I get a FREE SSL Certificate?
  2. We both encountered this same kind of problem. What could be the problem, anyone?
  3. @HA!*!*Y: This module doesn't work on my site. My current version of Prestashop is v1.5.3.1 if you have demo URL I'll check it out if it's really working or not. I followed your step by step installation, I create my own facebook App, Install the module in back office, I paste my App ID & App Secret, and paste the code in 'authentication.tpl' wherein my current theme is located. Please help me kindly check my test shop ---> HERE
  4. I'm still looking for Facebook Connect/Login module that is 100%works for Prestashop 1.5x anyone?
  5. I want a FREE module that can login/register a facebook account into my prestashop v1.5x. Does anyone can help me where can I download this for free?
  6. or Let just say I have an HTML template and I want it to become my template. How to do it?
  7. www.1freehosting.com free but sub-domain.
  8. It's depends upon the theme that you're using. Some themes' installation require to put their modified modules into the /modules folder, so try to find folder with a "footer" word in /modules folder. If you use a default theme, then you may find the "footer.tpl" from themes/[theme-name] Or else, check if there's any Modules hooked into Footer block... Back Office (Modules>Positions)
  9. I will add this on Payment type: 'Cash On Delivery - COD' A type of transaction in which payment for a good is made at the time of delivery. If the purchaser does not make payment when the good is delivered, then the good will be returned to the seller. Payment can be made by cash, certified check or money order, depending on what is stipulated in the shipping contract. (Most probably It will only deliver Nationwide/within the country)
  10. I give my trust to Prestashop osCommerce Platform, and yet I know how to stablish/design a website by the use of this osCommerce Platform or even buy a template if I'm now satisfied to my e-shop's feature or GUI. so I just wanted to know, What else you may suggest. Other than this following essentials bellow, to start an Online Shopping business in the Philippines. • Shipping/Delivery/Carrier System: - LBC. - Fedex. - JRS Express. • Payment: - Western Union (Bank Wire transfer). - Paypal via UnionBank (EON Cyber Account). - Call to Order and then the customer will deposit his/her money to the owner's Bank Account (deposit>deposit confirmation>deliver/pickup). "Thank you in advance, I appreciate your suggestions. Please don't post any illegal ways"
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