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  1. Thanks for the module! In the multistore it's working but when a customer belongs to another multistore you can login in every multistore without warning. When you can fix this it;'s perfect!
  2. Hi, I use prestashop 1.6.1 and want to add at the customers Order History images and links to the product they buy. Is this possible and how I can fix this! Thanks
  3. Thank you for this nice module! I have a problem with a multistore! I want to make different mails for the multistores When I want to switch off the shops it's not saved and still visible for all multistore shops. (shop association) Can somebody solve this?
  4. I got last week an email that I have to update the api info. I don't check it! I make a table for UPS shipping and it's working fine!
  5. See the video! When I click the product the orders not visible with that product! Vastleggen 02.wmv
  6. I try it but when I select a product the orders are not showing! I working with a Multistore!
  7. Can you upload the last version so I can test it. It's working ok I see!
  8. Hi, This is what I got in the backoffice! It would be nice you can filter on product name! (type or select) Now I got the same name everywhere! (but the links are different) in the orders It looks OK!
  9. I just test the module! Great module! I have one problem: In the product pulldown I cannot search and all the products have the same name! Thanks version
  10. Yes I use multistore! In the config page I cannot see the question
  11. Hi, I just test the module. I use When install all ok When I ask something the mail arrived. But in the backoffice I cannot approve! and don't see the question Nice module!
  12. I have prestashop I want to run the wishlist but I cannot delete the products from the list. I cannot click on the black delete button. See attachement
  13. I don't change anything!Working directly. When you have more quantities in one product not working. With combinations, when one on zero pruduct disabled!
  14. Put /img/p/-small_default.jpg in the dir and all working fine! Thanks
  15. Thanks, it's working for me When there is no image it give an error that image not found. How I can make that it is showing the standard no imgage image? Where \i have to put it? Thanks
  16. Yes like that but for all the images not the futured. Same like new! I saw that link already but not working for me
  17. I want to ask if there is a way to show the "sale on / reduced price " on the image as overlay. I read in the forum but I cannot find the solution. I know I have to change the product-list.tpl and the global.css Can somebody help me with this! Version Thanks
  18. I test this module on It's working perfect if you use no combinations in your products. When using combinations the following problem. When you have a combination with 2 quantities. When one quantity 0 the module switch off the product, but one has still quantity! Pls. try to fix this!
  19. I solved the problem! I openened the backoffice and go to the categories. After that I edit the root ( home) categorie and clean the cache After a save all the links working again!
  20. Here are some screenshots! It's strange because it was working in the previous versions. The theme is from prestashop theme maker! I try also the leotopmenu but it;s not good working When I swith the theme to the default template it also don.t show the cat-links! Thank you all!
  21. I use prestashop When I make a new category the links in the category block are OK. When click the links in the top menu it's linking to the home site and not to the category. Somebody with the same problem???
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