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  1. If anyone could help me I would be grateful... I have been adding products to my database on the back end and when I returned to the site for some reason the top menu bar has shrunk. I restored the tpl files and theme folders but still the same issue. Could anyone please take a look and see where do I start to fix this? www.adaroboutique.com is the web site thanks
  2. HI all, I have created my shop as an addon domain .... mybusinessdomain.com/shop/ I wish to move it to mynewshopdomain.com/ which I have done via sending that URL to the above one ^^ How do i get it to show the new mynewshopdomain.com instead of the above? I have used a 301 mask but do I need to also update the Site URL too? Thanks for your help
  3. HI thanks for the great module, How can i reduce the margin between the top of your module and put it closer against Horizontal Nav bar above? Many thanks James
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