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  1. Hey! Have a small problem that I can not find the solution to. IF I want, for example, a product category such as cars to always be sorted as the highest price only when you get to the page for cars. How to do this, find nothing o the forum or on google about this PS Classic Theme Lasse
  2. Sorry I kidnap that thread, but I'm running PS and PHP version 7.4.25. Can I upgrade my shop to 1.7 as you describe?
  3. Good morning! If I upload a video file, it works, so there must be something wrong with my classic files as it is not possible to select embedding. Thanks for all help, I will try to find which files in Prestashop Swedish have haunted this, I will try to add completely new files in the Swedish folder! 😀
  4. Oops the pictures came in the wrong order. the first image is at the bottom and then up!"😄 If you did not do as I did, how did you enter the code?
  5. This is how I do it and it will be wrong " The error message is The description_short (Swedish) field is invalid. Must be wrong in the classic theme, which file is what creates the text in the box and the movie embedding may be enough to replace it with a fresh file.
  6. It saves with out the video. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/zETUh50u8Vs" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Thanks Lasse
  7. Hello! It doesn't matter where I embed the video, I can't save after that, so it doesn't come along, has tried to reduce the video window but doesn't help. Since the function is in the boxes, you want it to work without another module. A little strange it is, perhaps better to put it in as html code. Thanks LAsse
  8. When I try to insert a video in a product, I get this error message and it is not possible to save or move on. Someone who knows what the error is or is there any other way to get a video from eg youtube error: "The description_short (Swedish) field is invalid." Se pic
  9. Hey! Fighting to get 2 rows in mobile instead of one, comes a bit on the road, see the picture I attach, but then to get some air between the pictures I do not succeed. Have checked product-list.css and theme.css, can not find the correct code to edit. Anyone have an idea?
  10. Thanks_! But now the description is gone. This book has a description below the picture. https://shop.delameddig.nu/tro-vaegledning/222-korsvaegen-uppstandelselivet.html
  11. Thanks it made the white field disappear, but also the Description disappeared. I enclose both files here. I reload the old one so that the description remains and the white field on the books that do not have a description. Thank you very much for your willingness to help! product.tpl product-details.tpl
  12. Thanks but tryed to take away this code : {if isset($product.reference_to_display) && $product.reference_to_display neq ''} <div class="product-reference"> <label class="label">{l s='Reference' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'} </label> <span itemprop="sku">{$product.reference_to_display}</span> </div> {/if} But the whiteblock and line is still there! see pic!
  13. Sorry for the late reply, but as soon as we activated Flashop, there was so much wrong in the store in terms of appearance, I mean frontend
  14. Hey! I want to delete the product description on the page but will only halfway, Have removed this code in product.tpl but some remain. see the picture that shows what I want to delete. Anyone have an idea? <li class="nav-item"> <a class="nav-link{if !$product.description} active{/if}" data-toggle="tab" href="#product-details" role="tab" aria-controls="product-details" {if !$product.description} aria-selected="true"{/if}>{l s='Product Details' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}</a> </li>
  15. Hey! Installed the Paypal module, and everything has gone well until I have to approve the terms of purchase, when I choose to pay with Paypal and then have to accept, nothing happens, I try to change payment method to someone else and it works. What is it that keeps you from moving on? Se pic
  16. Could the problem be that it is only possible to select an ID to retrieve products from, (Categories to view products from. Category id 3)? Se pic 2 in last post.
  17. Hi Have searched for a solution how I can increase the products on the first page (Home) Have tried to increase in all modules I have but nothing happens, can i change this in the code instead? It's classic theme that I use, PS Attach photos. I have over 36 products so should be able to show at least 12 of them on the Home page.
  18. OK thanks, have to keep on searching for the problem!
  19. Hey! I have the same problem, did you just disable that module and then it worked again? It does not help me, have to refresh the page for it to end up in the shopping cart
  20. Hey! I wonder if there is a theme that is similar to the Classic theme in the code but with a nicer design and layout? Why I ask is that we liked the Flatshop theme, but we do not get it PS ready so that it works with that theme. But as soon as we activate the classic theme, everything works perfectly, but it is as boring as the theme. Grateful for tips!
  21. Hello I have tried to translate mad swish to Swedish but it does not work in PS translations, yesterday I looked up the text in a tpl file and translated it, but then when you choose swish payment nothing comes up, even though I have not changed anything in the code but only translated the text. How did you make it work with your language?
  22. Now I have managed to get a category menu there, it works well in the browser in a computer but does not work in the mobile. I have activated mobile in every module we have in the shop but it does not work yet. Is there a mistake on the flatshop theme. Should I switch to another theme? Have never seen so much trouble in PS. Or is it PS 1.7 that is worse than 1.6?
  23. Hej! Sidan fungerar ej, finns den swish modulen till 1.7 nån annanstans?
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