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  1. I am experiencing the idential error issue. I posted my own inquiry. However, the level of meaningful support by Prestashop or its moderators is virtually non-existent on this forum. Time and again, the moderators act like sharks, and swarm to the forum posts in the hopes of avoiding meaningful solutions of the core Prestashop modules, rather guys like Presto Changeo dominated my own post and Presto Changeo does not offer any meaningful solutions because his/her apparent goal is to try to sell his alternative Authorize.Net module as was his/her purported advice. The end-game on this forum is NOTHING gets corrected or fixed in the FREE MODULES while the moderators focus on avoiding any meaningful advice while tring to sell their own module products. How clever the agenda of this forum has become a sleezy flea market environment, where no meaningful solutions are offered because some of the moderators have no role --- except the role-play as their own flea market booth operator --- amounting to a sales pitch offering to sell module solutions while evading to focus on the solutions for the free Prestashop module. The PRESTASHOP MANAGEMENT should ban the sharks from selling their own modules and rely upon caring, considerate moderators who prove a "real-world" interest in getting the FREE MODULES working properly.
  2. Well I appreciate your confusion about the error, and I understand you want to sell your solution, but I was kind of hoping that one of the other users in the forum would weigh in and make recommendations to correct the coding of the prestashop built-in module. You seem to be dominating the response pushing the sale of your module. The identical error occured to another customer in December 2012 where the currency restrictions were not available greyed out as is occurring with me now.
  3. I installed 1.5.3 and created a shop with 420 products. The site is ready for live launch and during the test purchase got through the entire checkout process only to discover the Authorize.Net module doesn't display, therefore no consumers can complete a credit card transaction. I contacted Host Gator confirming the SSL and Dedicated IP are both ready to function once the domain name is pointing to the new prestashop server. Host Gator also confirmed cURL is active and they tested the https and is ready to go. I have read every prior forum post for this 1.5.3 version and followed tutorials and tried each suggestion I can find. The Authorize.Net Key and Login are clearly correct, except when I view the Payments Tab there is no way to select or restrict currency. See the attached image. I am using a popular Autumn Theme. I have deleted and reloaded the AIM module several times 1.4 and started over and revisited each step a dozen times to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatlyappreciated.
  4. Customer wants to decide which products are listed first and which come next so on. His choice is not based upon price, reviews but based upon the profit he earns for the products I suppose or maybe how he feels when he wakes up that day. Today yellow products, tomorrow he may want to display read and blue products first. Hopefully you know the answer to my question, is there a faster way of drag-n-dropping products on the back end without using those hopeless up and down buttons to reposition products in the order the customer seeks today? PS --- and thank you for responding so promptly.
  5. Customer seeks to display particular products based upon a particular liking. I did not find any type of drag-n-drop functionality so I have been selecting PRODUCTS, then filtering by category and then the resulting list of products are pick-n-choose, by slowing moving up or down using the up and down arrows to manipulate the position of each product in the category. Even that does not change the position of the product on the front-end until I visit each product and resave it to push it up so it shows up first on the front-end. Aside from my slow-poke method above, is there a way to quickly drop-n-drag products on the back-end and avoid having to revisit each product to resave each newly positioned product and get each product to quickly display in a particular order when viewing on the live website? PRESTASHOP doesn't offer a prompt drag-n-drop functionality for these purposes as best I can tell. Any solutions to speed this task up?
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