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  1. Thank you for this response. 4) I know I can change the logo as it was done once before, however it was the company that did it for me. 3) How do I fix this 2) I have temporarily reactivated the mobile site 1) I have put the Tessa corset on sale http://www.primalclass.com/all-corsets/129-tessa-corset.html as so you can see the problem.
  2. Hi, As the title suggests, the company that set up my Prestashop website and was supposed to be looking after it has simply dissapeared! Their name was Open Store. I had a number of tickets open with them for issues that are costing us money! Ticket 1: item on sale come up as $0 in the product page Ticket 2: the mobile site does not work at all Ticket 3: Pictures on the home page do not show on Internet Explorer - only on Chrome. Ticket 4: I cannot update the logo I am not incredibley tech savvy and have no idea as to where I can go to even start to fix these. Can someone please give me some guidance? Katie Primal Class www.primalclass.com
  3. Please test my site

    Great, thank you for your feedback
  4. Price shows as $0 on product pages

    Great thank you - Now how do I fix that? Another major error that appears to be happening is - in Google Chrome all the pictures show however in Internet Explorer pictures will only show on the Product page
  5. Price shows as $0 on product pages

    http://www.primalclass.com/index.php?id_product=33&controller=product On the list it shows as $35 and in the cart it also shows but on the product page it appears as $0
  6. Hi, I am having a problem where the prices for my products on the product pages show as $0 . when clicked however they show as the correct price in the shopping cart. Can anyone please help with how I rectify this? The website is www.primalclass.com
  7. Please test my site

    Hi, Can you please test my page www.primalclass.com. It went live today and already found a couple of bugs - Thankyou
  8. I am trying to display my attributes on the product page - for some reason this is not working. I have entered the attributes and values into the catalog-attributes and values section but I cannot get the drop down box to appear in my product pages. - any suggestions anyone?
  9. Size drop down box

    Hi, I need to put a size drop down box on my product pages. How can I do this?