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  1. Hi Vic, Thanks for the reply. I tried the weight - the name is already at 10, the others are 1, the results are still the same. What's the maximum number for weight? I'd love to use the alias and tags but I have over 8000 products...
  2. Hi all, How to remove "add to cart" button and "price" in search results? http://i.imgur.com/mr8bLgJ.jpg Thank you in advance to those who are willing to help!
  3. Hi, We've done this and it somehow works but now I have so many results. lol For example: Search term: HP 092A Search results: Brother 350, Brother 360,....... until I go to page 7... and that's the time "HP" appears. What I mean is that - is it possible for the search results to just prioritize the "HP"? Because what happened with the results is that it even though I key in HP, it still displayed "Brother" items. Please help.
  4. Anyone who can help? I believe it has something to do with searching of mistyped incorrect spelled words in the search bar - so it has something to do with the backend code? Anyone who has a similar problem with a solution pls?
  5. Hi Vekia, Thanks for the reply. I have already clicked reindex and add missing products - but it's still not working. It can search for "exact match" but for typos or lacking letters -- it doesn't search.
  6. Hi Everyone, I need help ASAP. PS Version: Quick Search Block Version: 1.2 It seems that the quick search block only searches for "EXACT MATCH KEYWORDS" but it does not search "RELATED/SIMILAR" keywords. For example: My product is: BROTHER LC79XLM Inkjet Cartridge I CAN SEARCH for it using keyword "LC79XLM" BUT CANNOT search if I use smaller keywords like "79XLM" or "LC79" I have already changed the weight in the search options to all 1 - but it's still the same result. Can anyone help me how to make the search block search the product title or product name?
  7. Hi I am also having the same problem -- whenever I click on categories --- display prices are 0.00 but if i click on an individual product --- prices are displayed normally for different product types Help on this please?
  8. Hi NewLizard, I tried your method and successfully removed the left and right columns. Thank you. But I have this problem --- the featured products, there is no division on this part.. see screenshot. Pls help me? SOLUTION by NewLizard: Change line 7 in modules/homefeatured/homefeatured.tpl to {assign var='nbItemsPerLine' value=7}
  9. Hi I know I'm out of topic but can I ask help from you guys on where to find a module that can automatically calculate sales tax in california and counties? A link to a forum thread or website would be highly appreciated - thank you!
  10. Hi there, is this still working for the latest update? We need this badly since we dont have any programmers in our website. Please help us.
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