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  1. Hi, We developed a A.I. software to manage Adwords campaigns for ecommerce websites with lots of products and categories. This software is powered with A.I. and automaticaly select keywords and analyze campaigns, CPC - based on sales. It will do a separate campaign for every product you have. The costs of adwords usualy go down -60% using it. It is a free to test. Check it: http://bluewinston.com I want to know your opinions. Or if you want to cooperate and do it better - send me message, I will be happy. This will help many ecommerce owners to make more sales.
  2. Hi, please can someone write me a peace of code to show shipping cost for product on product page in prestashop 1.5? link to product here: http://onlinenabytok.sk/kuchynske-linky-240cm/9274-kuchyna-cherry-240-dub-sonoma-s-drezom.html Thank you.
  3. Perfect, it works I hope it will increase conversion rate... look: http://onlinenabytok.sk/detska-izba-jakub/1984-detska-zostava-jakub.html Thank you
  4. Hi, I could not find that code in css ... There is #add_to_cart .exclusive many times... Here is the file: http://onlinenabytok.sk/product.rar Thank you.
  5. Hi, please help me with 2 issues. 1. I need to change apierance of "add to cart" button on my product page. Now it looks like this: (VLOZIT DO KOSIKA) http://onlinenabytok.sk/detska-izba-jakub/1984-detska-zostava-jakub.html And to change its background color and font color to look like image atached. I dont know which css file is it and which line... ---------- 2. Please how to change button if I want to go directly to the checkout page after clicking at "add to cart"? Now when you click add to cart (VLOZIT DO KOSIKA), the AJAX add product to the cart and you are still in product page. Thank you a lot
  6. Hi, Im looking for internal links module to boost seo... Ideal for free... Thank you
  7. You cant see couse I removed that code... Ajax is working you can see when you add product to the cart... But when I add your code, at the area of the basket image it works in the way I wrote you.. that when you click you go to the checkout page...
  8. Hi, this is doind that when I click on the button, it gives me right away to the checkout page with product added in the basket... But I just need to add product to the card. Thank you.
  9. Hi everybody, I just did some analysis to improve revenue and I need to do one easy change. I need to change input button for "add to cart", maybe just with some css. Look at my input button now: http://onlinenabytok.sk/lacne-kuchyne/4786-kuchyna-bianca-240-s-vyklopom.html You see that only clickable area is that with text "Do kosika". But many customers are trying to click at the orange-green button close to the text, and it is just an image, doing nothing. So as you may see, I need that the image with the text "do kosika" will be integrated. No change to appearance, just change in functionality. I will be happy for your help. Thank you a lot.
  10. Hi, I tested it in IE 8, css code added - doesnt work :/ still the same. I hate IE but many people still use it
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